Searching for a DAM System That’s Right For You

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Comparison by Independent Research Firm

If you’re interested in researching a DAM, third party reports are often a good starting point for which DAM vendors to look into. Whether you’re looking for the best DAM for CPG, retail, apparel, healthcare, or any industry, comparison reports provide a good overview of different DAM systems and what they offer.

This report contains:

  • Top trends in Digital Asset Management
  • A vendor comparison of the top enterprise DAM vendors
  • A placement on a wave of all the DAM vendors in comparison to each other
  • Vendor profiles for each DAM vendor in the report

The report lists MediaBeacon as a Strong Performer and points to MediaBeacon as a solution that “is a good fit for product companies that need a highly scalable DAM solution that supports 3D assets.”

The report also evaluates other DAM vendors, including Adobe, Aprimo, BrandMaker, Bynder, Canto, CELUM, Censhare, Digizuite, MediaBeacon, Northplains, Nuxeo, OpenText, Sitecore, and Widen.

Sample Evaluation Criteria

Forrester carefully selected 30 evaluation criteria and grouped them into three high-level buckets:

  • Current offering
    • Library services
    • Work-in-progress assets
    • Video and emerging content support
    • Marketing support
    • Usability and user interface
    • Enterprise platform integration
  • Strategy
  • Market Presence