Marketing Asset Management Software: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

Here's what you need to know about marketing asset management
All too often, organizations without marketing asset management are wasting tons of precious time looking for their own files, wasting money by using unauthorized files, or spending time recreating lost files. This has to stop. Read on to see how.

What Is Marketing Asset Management?

Marketing asset management software helps marketing teams centralize content, streamline the creative workflow and increase collaboration. Distribution and access are easier than ever with a marketing asset management solution, allowing creatives to focus more on creating.

Read on to learn about six ways that marketing asset management software can become an invaluable tool to improve marketing processes for your team.

How Can Marketing Asset Management Software Help My Team?

Gone are the days in marketing where files are missing. Where no one knows which file is the actual final one. Gone are the days where someone is out sick and therefore their work is not accessible to ensure a deadline isn't missed. Marketing asset management helps with all of this and more. Journey on to learn more about these six ways that MAM software can help your marketing and marketing sales team:

  1. Collecting
  2. Organizing
  3. Collaborating
  4. Distributing
  5. Measuring
  6. Answering

1. Collecting

A single source of truth drives collaboration and reduces redundant work by collecting all of your team’s content into a single location that everyone can access.

Having a central hub for image acquisition and collaborative marketing workflow allows for a more agile and creative process. A single source also adds visibility to ensure assistance is available when and where it is needed. Users will never again waste time and energy by going on a content scavenger hunt.

MediaBeacon’s client proven content solutions define the creative workflow, allowing for seamless and secure appropriation of assets in real time. MediaBeacon integrates all components of acquiring content from data input, to rights management, to embargoing and restricting access to content. Take a look at an example in this marketing workflow infographic.

MediaBeacon's web-based UI supports multiple methods of ingesting and classifying content. Its user driven interface supports simple drag-and-drop upload with the power of enterprise data indexing.

With MediaBeacon, intelligent synchronization delivers files to the users before they need them. This is driven by an intuitive understanding of the organization’s creative workflow. All of these operations are seamlessly executed in the background, without requiring user intervention.

2. Organizing


With repositories reaching millions of records, organization has never been a bigger opportunity for reducing content to market time. Users reach for the simplest way to work and without MAM, sometimes that means re-creating content. Centralized organization also allows for a wide view of what content is available and where it has previously been used. Less time is spent tracking down assets and more time is spent creating content and driving initiatives.

With MediaBeacon's powerful search, data is intuitively indexed and organically organized into user friendly facets, which guide Creatives to the content they are looking for. MediaBeacon discovers the data that lives in the assets and adopts data via integrations and user inputs. All of the data is stored in the industry standard XMP format making the key information accessible to any application, anywhere. MediaBeacon not only indexes the data for each asset, it pre-calculates asset relationships, creates taxonomies, and maintains a lineage of assets over their lifecycle.


3. Collaborating

MAM is the the center of the creative world, applying best practices across all the departments in the organization. Implementing the correct technologies allows for soft touch collaboration, where users are not held hostage by upstream backlogs. Content can be created simultaneously and be brought together as it’s ready. The review process is flexible and collaborative for each individual case.

MediaBeacon implements creative tools like check in/out and content markup to ensure that each step of the process is controlled and vetted, preventing the need for multiple cycles, miscommunication and time wasting bottlenecks


4. Distributing

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Content management now extends beyond the management and retention of content. It is valuable from concept to consumer. Distribution is not simply delivering files outside of the MAM workflow, it involves many aspects of information gathering and often utilizes a progressive feedback loop from the stakeholders.

MediaBeacon has the ability actively distribute content through a wide range mechanisms, including accelerated transfer tools. MediaBeacon can transform content into the format and data structure required by the consumer. Watermarks, digital rights notifications and intended usage information can be applied on transfer.

Publishing content through 3rd party Web Content Management integrations ensures the right photos are used in the right multimedia formats at the right time. This adds the power of enterprise search to the versatility of the web content tools.

Assets can also easily be shared or distributed to third parties through various methods such as download link, email attachment, synced folder and more.



5. Measuring

Every day your organization is producing valuable data. Being able to analyze this big data is pivotal to excelling beyond the competition. Knowing how you’re doing is tough if you’re not tracking it. Analytics automatically track work and display explorational metrics. Users can see the most popular searches and the results, focusing and fine tuning data for the consumer.

Having this added insight into the data your company is always producing allows for educated changes, improving the efficiencies within your organization. Let's say a particular keyword is identified through the use of metrics that isn't resulting in an asset being used. The action we can take with that is either tag the appropriate assets with this keyword so they begin being used or if that content doesn't exist to create it. We can drive this even further: If you tie other systems into your marketing asset management system, you can better tie value to certain assets. If you group these assets by creator and bring the most valuable assets to the top, you can identify those on your team that are contributing the most to your revenue.

Administrators can see content as it moves across departments and statuses, providing support at the critical points it is required.

Executive level can capture the ROI driven by the creative team pulling in data from multiple sources and comparing real marketing initiatives against revenue data.

KPI driven businesses have set a new bar of efficiency and effective management of the supply chain. And, real-time reports are available at every level and across every department.


6. Answering


A lot of time is spent searching for files in an organization that doesn’t have a Marketing Asset Management solution. Some estimates report that employees spend 9.3 hours per week searching and gathering information.

Implementing a MAM system can turn that time back into productive and creative time.

Having a MAM, like MediaBeacon, acts as the center of your content-driven universe by tracking all files, no matter their status, by leveraging metadata. Now questions like, “which file is correct, appropriate, or final?” can easily be answered. MediaBeacon helps your team manage this by keeping your assets indexed for quick and easy finding, as well as logical and automatic organization. It is your single source of truth.


"MediaBeacon significantly improved the insight we have into our company. Now we’re able to realize how much design effort makes it into production and how many files our Sales team retrieves without needing assistance.”

Amy Arnold // DAM Manager & Cybrarian at Buck Wear


“We were impressed with the passion and focus MediaBeacon brings to the DAM space. In publishing, we need that mobility of metadata and workflow that XMP brings by being strongly attached to the assets and only MediaBeacon enables that for us.”

Paul Nicholson // VP Technology at Showtime Networks