Digital Asset Management For Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaging is where brands are built. Making packages functional, economical, and legally compliant while amplifying brand value and growing market share requires complex processes to be managed through intuitive technologies. Mislabeled products mean big financial losses and impact to your brand equity.

Brand consistency is vital to maintaining market position and consumer loyalty. MediaBeacon's Digital Asset Management CPG Solutions provide global oversight to the brand supply chain, benchmarking and certifying packaging content in every step of the process. Each role in the brand supply chain is intuitively guided through the creative and production process while providing key stakeholders insight along the way.

MediaBeacon helps avoid costly mistakes and ensures that your brand is globally consistent through customizable checks and balances. In global supply chain management, MediaBeacon is The Single Source of Truth for all your brands: from concept to consumer.

Simple, Yet Powerful Search


Search Results, Delivered Quickly

Find what you want quickly and easily. Get results across all file information (implicit, explicit, and derived data)


Sorting That Matters

Sort your assets in a way that makes sense to you! Search by specific SKU’s, Colors, Brands and even Product Identification Numbers.


Single Source of Truth

Protect your brand equity and guarantee consistency. Whether you need an asset for a customer presentation or to be distributed in a global campaign, MediaBeacon makes sure you are working with the correct and final version of the asset.


Bring Your Assets to Life With 3D Viewing

3D Viewing For Everyone

The 3D viewer works on standard browser technology. No need to install software or plugins or to download the model!


Automatic 9-View

Transform any 3D object into 2D images of each one of its sides.



With 3D rotation eliminate the cost of physical prototyping and confidently streamline your process by inspecting every detail of your product before production.


Drag-and-Drop Workflow Engine


Speed to Market

Control over your workflow allows faster speed to market. Projects move along more quickly and stakeholders are kept in the loop as necessary.


Asset Management

Protect and control your brand through controlled workflows, distribution and asset access, while allowing truly worldwide brand consistency to various channels.


Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

MediaBeacon's powerful workflows are easier to implement and edit. Configure workflows by dragging-and-dropping nodes into the editor.

Distribute to Social Media & Analyze Performance

Post to Social Media

Maintain brand consistency by posting assets directly to your social networks.


Visual Indicators

See which assets are posted to social media and on which networks.



Analyze how social content is performing with MediaBeacon Metrics.


Metrics That Matter


Smart Analytics

Use Metrics and Analytics to drive your content strategy and gain insight into the use and value of your assets.

Export Metrics Data

Metrics data can be exported to your heart's desire

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Great For Many Roles


Design & Creative

Governance and compliance. MediaBeacon’s governance workflow builds a true sense of security that the right content is being used for the right campaigns and output. It is the tool for working in and tracking anything from packaging to graphics and marketing campaigns. MediaBeacon’s repository ensures easy access to the right content at the right time and its toolset allows quick and efficient accessibility.

MediaBeacon automatically distributes assets for a product, project or campaign directly to your designers’ desktop. There’s no need to search and wait for files to download, saving you time while increasing productivity. It allows Designers and Creatives to be confident that they are supplying the organization with what it needs, when it needs it.



Increase speed to market. MediaBeacon streamlines asset organization and control. As organizations find increasing SKU refresh rates yields higher profits, the data management complexity continues to grow. MediaBeacon reduces time from concept to creation and distribution to stakeholders around the world.

Executive persona


Source of Truth. MediaBeacon provides a single repository for all departments, making it the source of truth. It serves as your tool from creation to delivery, making it the perfect place for all your projects from work in progress to finished goods. MediaBeacon’s targeted user experience allows you to present the right content, to the right users, at the right time, in the right tool.



Open flexible and scalable. MediaBeacon’s configurable tools provide IT organizations with visibility and management to support the business process requirements. MediaBeacon’s public API allows for greater IT efficiencies through its easy to work with API. Configure and integrate other systems quickly and easily.

DAM Solutions for CPG

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