Leveraging Packaging For Great Customer Experiences

We are in the midst of a digital world mega-trend.
How can you thrive in it?

Digitization is increasingly bringing shoppers online and to mobile and it is important to maintain a consistent experience for the shopper among all these channels.

The Challenge

Customers are increasingly using various channels to shop and learn about a brand and its products. Consistent experience across all channels should be seamless to ensure a quick and consistent shopping experience and strengthen brand familiarity within the consumer.

Customers are able to interact with brands in so many different channels now. You have Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, primary websites, secondary websites, events, through third-party sellers, through advertising and much more. This increase in channels is driven through growing adoption of new technologies and software, as well as a surging amount of meaningful data that companies have at their fingertips


Digitization is changing consumers' lives and hence their shopping behavior, which affects the 'moments of truth,' the critical points when shoppers make their choices. They expect to find information through multiple channels and devices – and they expect to find it quickly. They are looking for consistency and convergence among different technologies.

Future Value Chain - 2022, FORUM-Capgemini Report

The challenge here is making the information and images consistent across all of these channels so the customer is presented with a familiar experience across each of them. It is also important that the product imagery and information is consistent across all of these channels to increase brand recognition and not leave them with any question as to what they are getting when they make that buying decision.

Digital Cannot Be Ignored

Target has found that 98% of Target customers shop digitally.


There's no longer a delineation between how our guests live life and how they shop; they just shop whenever they have time. They want to flow seamlessly across all of our channels ... and we've got to make that happen by having the right underlying architecture.

Casey Carl, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Target, "For Target, Mobile is the New Front Door", October 2015


Mobile conversion rates have shot up by 29% in the last year.

Think With Google


2/3 of smartphone owners use their phones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial.

Think With Google

Importance Of Packaging In Analog And Digital Worlds

Packaging is the ultimate analog touchpoint you have with your customer. The customer experience for e-commerce products relies on its packaging. This is their first impression upon receiving a product and can impact how they experience the product. Good packaging creates an enjoyable experience for the consumer. The popularity of unboxing videos shows the importance and impact packaging can have! But packaging is not just the physical product; packaging is everywhere. It's on billboards, in ads, on coupons and more!

Maintaining packaging consistency across all these channels allows someone who sees your product ad on a bus, billboard or email to be able to walk into a store and identify that same product on the store shelf.


Control over content is valued as important but most don't have a good handle on how to do it. The solution is straightforward.

Customer Experience Is Not Just Important, It's Critical To Profitability

  • Increasing number of SKUs
  • More languages
  • Constantly changing regulations

Most packaging errors are in the copy (text) of the package. In order to cut this error rate significantly, less error prone methods need to be implemented. Use the information you already have to create consistent experiences across all the channels your customers are, including your packaging.

The typical process for packaging creation is a fragmented and manual one, with many points for failure. The biggest being copy & paste - things can go wrong and mistakes not discovered until after printing.

The Solution

In order to avoid copy mistakes and maintain brand consistency across all of these channels, including your packaging, you need a way to keep control over your content. The way to do this is to ensure that your content is stored just like your images are - as assets that are placed into the packaging files and other channels. That way everything is vetted and approved, bringing an end to copy and paste.

Find out how you can centralize and manage all of this in order to keep control over your content in our complimentary resource:

Leveraging Packaging for Great Customer Experiences