So, you’re ready to spend your budget on a DAM, but will it be worth it?

Hitting the mark with our DAM Services

Digital asset management (DAM) services are essential to drive successful DAM implementations and user adoption so that your software is worth the investment. Once you’ve figured out which vendor will provide you with the DAM that will best meet your business and functional requirements, you’ll likely need to enlist the help of experts to assist in the implementation and configuration of the system. Part of your implementation will include training to help your power users learn how to use the system. Once the implementation is completed, you will likely have access to a support team that can assist with any issues are questions that may arise. Then, you’ll need to train the rest of your users on how to complete actions in the DAM.

Typically, you can work with an implementation, training, and support team from your DAM vendor, but a third party is also an option. The advantage of utilizing services from the vendor is that they are experts in their solution and often have quick access to internal resources. The vendor has likely figured out what types of things to avoid in order to keep your asset processes as efficient as possible.

Benefits of DAM Services

Your DAM should be implemented to meet your business requirements. The best software combined with DAM services should provide you with an asset management system that meets your business requirements instead of making you change them.

The benefits of DAM services are:

  • Configuration. With DAM implementation services, you can make sure your DAM is configured just the way you and your teams need it to be.
  • Expertise. DAM service providers live and breathe asset management, so they have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.
  • Integration. The proper integrations are key when you want to connect your DAM to other systems. DAM services can help make sure your technologies interact in a way that supports your business objectives.
  • Support. Once your system is up and running, DAM support services will help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may have.
  • User adoption. Your vendor can provide solution-specific training options for your instance of the DAM to support user adoption so that the system is utilized in a beneficial way.

Types of DAM Services

Before you start to implement the DAM, you’ll want to make sure you have all the DAM service contracts finalized and shared so that expectations are understood and met between you and your DAM service provider. There are 3 common categories for DAM services: implementation, training, and customer care.

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The implementation of the DAM is how you set up, configure, and deploy your instance of the asset management system. This is a very important phase because it determines how you set up the technical aspects of the software based on the specific ways people will use the DAM. DAM services during the implementation usually include project management for the whole phase and significant assistance with all of the necessary technical elements.

The DAM implementation phase usually will include a kickoff, discovery, training, prototyping, data migration, and user acceptance testing (UAT) while building out the product to meet your needs as outlined in a statement of work (SOW) document.

The best DAM services will help you launch an asset management system that is configured to be simple and effective for your users. Another way to help drive user adoption is to provide training and resources for your teams.

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Standard training services are important for admins to know how to configure the system and make adjustments after it’s been implemented. System training will help equip your administrators with the knowledge they need to maintain the DAM system.

Custom DAM training services like demonstrations, documents, and videos can help your users understand how to use the DAM in a way that makes their day-to-day activities easier and saves them valuable time.

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Customer Care

After implementation and training, DAM service options usually include customer care to help diagnose and fix issues as they arise. It’s important to have a customer care team that is available based on your business needs.

A common way to use customer care DAM services is through a portal where you can submit help tickets with information for the vendor to help determine the solution for an issue. If it’s a major issue, the vendor may have a team ready to answer the phone and walk you through a fix or a version update.

MediaBeacon DAM Services

In addition to a high quality DAM product, MediaBeacon offers implementation, training, and customer care services. The in-house MediaBeacon Solution Delivery team is dedicated to implementing your instance of MediaBeacon to help provide the best value to your end users.

We will partner with you to complete thorough planning, testing, reviewing, and tracking to ensure proper delivery of the MediaBeacon solution for your team.

MediaBeacon provides initial standard training to help your DAM power users understand how to use and configure the system. We’ll also partner with you to create custom training materials such as videos, guides, and classes to help address the use of MediaBeacon specific to your company.

The MediaBeacon Customer Care team offers 24/7 support to swiftly respond to questions and issues so that they aren’t disruptive to your company. They’re also available to help assist with version upgrades so your users hardly notice the upgrade process happening.

To learn more about MediaBeacon services, contact us.