Marketing Fulfillment

Improve Efficiency In Your Marketing Campaign Launches

With the right marketing fulfillment tools, you can improve the speed to completion of campaigns of your marketing teams.

What is Marketing Fulfillment?

Marketing fulfillment is the ability to complete the requirements to successfully launch a marketing campaign. This means that all the necessary assets, collateral, and campaign materials need to be successfully distributed across the relevant channels. The relevant channels depend on your campaign goals and can include digital and physical campaigns. Examples of digital campaign channels are email, social media, blog posts, pay per click (PPC) ads, etc. Examples of physical campaign channels are printed brochures, fliers, signs, billboards, sales presentations, etc.

Lightbulb, network cloud. and email signifying the harmony DAM plays with marketing fulfillment

Marketing fulfillment tools like DAM are essential for decreasing the time it takes it to put your content in front of the right audience at the best time. When you have the right tools in place for marketing fulfillment, your company experiences the advantage of being able to quickly deliver marketing campaigns for maximum results.

How Can You Improve Your Time to Market with Marketing Fulfillment?

Using the right marketing fulfillment tools will help improve your speed to market in several ways.

  • Decrease time spent on projects
    Using a marketing fulfillment tool will help decrease your time to market because it will house all of the information needed to get your content ready for marketing campaigns. This means you will save time typically spent on looking for assets, finding company information, and searching for other materials needed to launch a campaign.
  • Increase efficiency and support cross functional collaboration
    Companies that can find and use the right tools to increase efficiency find cost effective ways to complete marketing fulfillment. With central solutions, different departments can work together in specific spaces to create campaigns that are consistent and accurate, while avoiding the risk of misuse of content and information.
  • Enable Process Improvement
    By providing insights into the marketing fulfillment process, the system can follow your marketing materials to track the efficiency of your process. You should be able to identify areas of improvement to make sure the steps in your marketing processes are value-adding and eliminate any steps that are unnecessary.
Hitting the mark with marketing fulfillment software

Whether it’s online marketing or physical marketing materials, there are different software options that can help provide your company with marketing fulfillment solutions that produce a faster time to market for your company. One such solution is a digital asset management (DAM) system that provides searchable storage for your digital assets so they can be accessed at any time.

How Does DAM Enable Marketing Fulfillment?

A digital asset management (DAM) is a system to store, manage, and distribute digital assets from a single location. (Learn more about what is digital asset management here.) Assets that are strategically categorized and tagged in the DAM are searchable for users who need to find them. When users can easily locate, and share or distribute marketing materials, they can quickly fulfill campaign requirements. A DAM should also provide a way to share links so distributing marketing materials is simple because finding the most current, approved version is easy.

There are many different teams that can have access to the DAM:

  • Marketing Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Distributors
  • Creative Agencies
  • Legal Department
  • Human Resources
  • Any other team that handles marketing materials or digital assets

A DAM like MediaBeacon also includes workflow capabilities so that you can automatically trigger tasks for users from different departments. By digitizing and automating the task management of the digital asset lifecycle, the opportunity for maximum efficiency increases. Not only do you save time by automating tasks, you also have insight into what steps of your marketing process are necessary and identify areas for improvement.

Take control of your digital assets and increase your marketing fulfillment capabilities with a DAM.


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