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Digital Asset Management – Guiding Brands From Concept To Consumer

MediaBeacon is Digital & Marketing Asset Management with unparalleled Project Management capabilities

What Is It?

What is it

Digital and marketing asset management is the repository and project management software that brings together image, video, and other digital assets into a digital library for your enterprise. It is a single source for your integrated marketing team to store, search, design, distribute, and measure the performance of your digital assets and the efficiency of your marketing campaign delivery.

From a broadcast commercial to social media posts, digital and marketing asset management allows you to bring a marketing project from concept to distribution in one system.

How can MediaBeacon help?

Reach Your Creative Potential

Get the tools you need to unlock creativity and inspire the next Big Idea.

Because you can store and retrieve your digital assets from the same place you manage projects with your teams, they spend more time collaborating with each other to spark creativity. Simplify the process with the ability to share brand guidelines and campaign details, and leverage workflows to hold internal and external teams accountable with automated notifications. Your creative team is talented, so give them a platform that lets them spend more time creating and less time administrating. With MediaBeacon, your team will receive recommendations to understand what colors, campaigns, and types of assets perform the best to help drive future successes.

Promote Collaboration

Enable your entire team to work together in a single system from any global location.


You can be sure your cross-functional teams have everything they need for a campaign, ensuring collaboration and alignment during every phase of the marketing project. Because it is fully integrated with your favorite Adobe creative products, changes to assets are always saved directly to MediaBeacon, and versions can be compared side-by-side and annotated by collaborators. With real-time updates, campaign management is easy and you always have access to the status of your projects.

Go To Market Faster

Strengthen your processes and improve efficiency with powerful workflows.

Project Specification

Project specification

Configure your workflows based on best practices, and monitor their progress to identify and correct bottlenecks. Keep your projects on track with automated notifications and approval requests so that each team member knows when a task is due. Reduce the risk of legal liability with digital rights management that allows you to control who has access to assets, enforce expiration dates based on licensing, and require collaborators to acknowledge licensing agreements before downloading assets.

Generate Meaningful Results

Understand the true value of your assets to identify and react to performance.

Asset Distribution

asset distribution

Asset Usage

asset usage

Publishing Channels

Publishing Channel

Timeline Review


Analyze the successes of campaigns through connections to digital publishing channels. Track assets to understand their ROI and lifetime value based on how they are used and repurposed across the organization. Additionally, you can access a comprehensive view into the time it takes campaigns to go to market and identify areas for improvement.

Connect Your Digital Ecosystem

Experience the benefits of DAM as the Foundation of Your Digital Ecosystem.

Strategic Integrations


Custom APIs

custom api



Branded Portals

brand portal

Strong Product Roadmap


Seamlessly carry out marketing campaigns with a DAM that connects your digital assets to each step of your process. Simple, intuitive workspaces within a branded portal allow your teams to drive projects to completion from a single source that is linked to your other important enterprise technologies. With key integrations, strong, functionalities, and smart partnerships, MediaBeacon is a scalable solution that is the foundation for bringing your Big Ideas to life: On time, On budget, On point.

Want to learn more about DAM? Check out our asset management resources or see what MediaBeacon 2018.1 brought to DAM.


With MediaBeacon, you can...

  • Focus on being creative by delegating asset tagging to AI
  • Give your team & external partners access to everything they need
  • Control who can access specific assets and how they use them
  • Collaborate with local and global teams and external partners from a single source
  • Easily find, edit, and reuse your digital assets
  • Simplify complex marketing workflows and increase your speed to market
  • Always know the status of your marketing & creative projects
  • Monetize and measure the lifetime value of your assets
  • Report on the ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • Rely on a trusted technology partner each step of the way.