How to Turn DAM and Workflow Into Your Team’s Power Couple

Recorded Webinar

You’ve heard about them, right? DAM is so elusive and complex, yet always trying to make sure everyone around them has all they need to thrive. Workflow has a wild side but knows how to get the work done. Sure, they end up at the same party from time to time and flirt a little, but it’s time to be the matchmaker and seal the deal. DAM and Workflow were made for each other, now it’s time to show them why. But how do you find the Workflow of your DAM’s dreams?

Join love experts Chris Janczar (DAM Solution Architect) and Paul Plank (Workflow Solution Architect) as they guide us through the intricate relationship between workflow and DAM. How should they work together? What should they share and when do they need their separate spaces? How can they build their relationship to stand the test of time?

Tune in to find out!