With high regulation across the Pharmaceutical industry, including what can be presented to consumers and providers, having a strict review and approval process is critical to success. MediaBeacon's intelligent design provides efficiency and resilience in the most demanding work environments. It serves as the central hub, critical for organizational success, keeping medical content and scientific messaging consistent across varying channels. This allows stakeholders to know that the final product is vetted and has an audit trail proving so. It also provides teams the ability to leverage existing content worldwide and modify it to better fit their market.

Creative persona

Design & Creative

Meet increasingly quicker deadlines with accuracy. The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated and fast paced. Ensuring deadlines are met and everyone has the correct files is a big task. MediaBeacon can help. Extend the value of your creative output by distributing it worldwide and empowering others to reuse existing, accurate, approved content.

Executive persona


Source of Truth. The ever-changing pharmaceutical industry regulations and fast paced nature means that quick speed to market results in greater success. MediaBeacon, as the source of truth, empowers action by making truly global asset access a reality. By removing bottlenecks and allowing information to flow from a single source, errors become less frequent, ultimately increasing patient safety and reducing the risk of a product recall.

Marketing persona


Increase speed to market. Demands from stakeholders and heavy regulations can be a challenge to juggle. Having a strong solution that aids in the organization of massive amounts of information is vital to be efficient and effective. When you know what you have, and can find it, you can get to market quicker and deploy worldwide through the various 3rd party systems MediaBeacon ties into.

IT persona


Open and flexible. MediaBeacon is an open, flexible system with a public API. It can operate as a central hub for a large range of technology ecosystems.

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