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What Value Does An Award Winning Producer See In DAM?

January 18, 2017 by Cooper Whitescarver



In a recent video by Henry Stewart, Nick Felder, Group Director, Film & Music Production for the Global/Corporate Divisions at Coca-Cola, sat down and discussed the importance DAM plays within Coca-Cola. It's easy to see how the concepts Felder mentions apply beyond and into organizations of all sizes in any industry, even those outside the CPG industries.

Reuse, Repurpose, Remix

Enabling your users access to all creative digital content created allows you to get more out of the work. For example, a single photo shoot creates thousands of photos and ends up only using one of them. By making the full set available, those assets can find new life in new campaigns, therefore cutting down the cost the company pays. Instead of needing new photo shoots, previous ones are used to the creative's advantage.

Let's say you have a video created for a campaign and it is stored within your DAM (What is DAM?). When a new video project arises, this video content can be clipped and excerpts taken to create something entirely different when combined with other existing content or new content. By reusing existing content, it not only saves your brand money but also helps to maintain brand continuity, an important and often under valued aspect digital asset management helps with.

Rights Management, Bringing Costs Down

As you know, digital content comes with rights and restrictions. For a global organization it can be difficult to manage and track what content can be used, when and where. That issue dissolves when you have a digital asset management solution. By centralizing content and implementing rights management, users around the globe know what they can use, when and where. This makes the propagation of content quicker and cuts your costs.

Having this powerful transparency into the rights of your digital content has the potential to also save time and money by avoiding any potential legal action that results from using digital content in the incorrect way.

Customer Support

Selling a product in grocery stores and markets around the world requires smooth distribution channels not only for the product itself but also the marketing content, info and signage around it. DAM streamlines this by providing portal access to customers and vendors so they can proactively get the most up-to-date and approved assets for use in their stores. This keeps signage current, creates a stronger tie to your brand by maintaining omnichannel brand continuity and can result in improved sales.

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