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June 1, 2009

MediaBeacon Announces R3volution 3.0 and R3Search

MediaBeacon, Inc. announced Two R3volutionary New Products: R3volution 3.0 Widget Platform and R3Search, Organic Enterprise Search.

About R3Search, Organic Enterprise Search
MediaBeacon R3Search is the only zero configuration Enterprise Search engine that doesn't require mapping, data import conversions, or extensive manipulations. R3Search automatically identifies relationships across large data sets, ranks them and presents them via flexible widget-based portals. R3Search is highly scalable and is targeted at enterprise customers.

Jason Bright, the CTO and Founder of MediaBeacon, Inc. states: “MediaBeacon’s data management capability is culminated in the natural progression to R3Search. Only MediaBeacon supports strongly attached namespace-aware data, so with the additional of R3search, companies can mine their data intelligently in real time with minimum costs. Organically.”

About R3volution 3.0, Digital Asset Management Widget Platform
MediaBeacon R3volution 3.0 Widget Platform is an entirely new revolutionary digital asset management system based on widgets. R3volution 3.0 allows realtime "mix and match" of various functional widgets and configuration of on-the-fly custom portals.

R3volution 3.0 allows organizations to create, share and publish personalized portals in minutes. The system supports mixing and matching of DAM-related widgets with Google Gadgets, Google Open Syndication and Open Social Containers via simple drag and drop.

“Market analysts label MediaBeacon Inc. as the most R&D-centric DAM vendor, so we have to live up to the expectations. R3volution 3.0 changes the rules of the game for the DAM marketplace. No longer are we positioning individual features and integrations. R3volution 3.0 is a highly interactive enterprise media management and collaboration platform that is scalable, modular, powerful and user friendly.", says Alex Matusevitch, VP of R&D at MediaBeacon Inc.

About MediaBeacon, Inc.
MediaBeacon is a 20-year-old privately held software development organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company focuses on digital asset management and enterprise search solutions for medium and large enterprises. MediaBeacon solutions are perfectly suited for managing all media and document types in single or distributed locations with granular security and high availability environments. Hundreds of respectable organizations have chosen MediaBeacon solutions worldwide. With a global network of system integrators and support offices, MediaBeacon is the premier enterprise-class digital asset management solutions provider.