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Why Your DAM Needs to Integrate with Your Creative Tools

Last Updated: March 20, 2019
Written by: Maria Jollie

MediaBeacon Adobe Integration

The main objective of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) is to be the searchable repository for your digital assets. But DAM has evolved to support the functions of work-in-progress (WIP) assets through workflows, integrations, and connections to other marketing technology systems.

A DAM that has the best integrations with creative tools unlocks the potential of your creative marketing and content teams. Integrations with programs in the Adobe® Creative Cloud suite, such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, are key to WIP assets and DAM. With the right connections, a marketing creative can easily open their favorite Adobe application, search for and open assets from the DAM, and save final versions back to the DAM, without ever needing to leave the Adobe interface.

A DAM that has the best integrations with presentation and documentation tools allows your sales team to prepare, present, and send proposals as fast as possible. Integrations with Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint and Word are key for salespeople who need quick access to approved assets. Sales teams can easily pull approved assets from the DAM into their PowerPoint presentations or Word documents as they prepare a sales pitch or create a proposal document for their potential customers.

With the right creative tool integrations, digital assets are literally at the fingertips of your creative, marketing, and sales teams and they hardly even realize they are using a DAM. Ultimately, these integrations make your creative process efficient and save time for your teams so they can spend more time utilizing their core competencies instead of searching for assets.

Can Your DAM Do That?

MediaBeacon is a DAM solution that has a business process management (BPM) workflow tool and Adobe and Microsoft connectors to support your WIP assets. With a variety of other integrations available, MediaBeacon offers a DAM that centralizes your content and connects it to your other important marketing technology systems.

The Adobe and Microsoft tools allow creative users to work in their fit-for-purpose digital tools with permission-based access to repository content. It’s easy to upload content back into the repository while preserving all the linked assets, metadata, and content elements such as fonts and associated files.

The BPM tool uses workflows that include a project brief, review and approval, and annotation during review so that managers and creatives can easily collaborate to update and improve digital and marketing assets.

MediaBeacon and Creative Tool Integrations

MediaBeacon recently received a high score in the Creative Toolset Integration category in the most recent Forrester Wave. For the Creative Toolset Integration category section of the report, Forrester evaluates how the product integrates into creative suite applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud, how it supports workflows for WIP assets, and how it integrates with desktop tools like Microsoft Office.

MediaBeacon also received the highest score in the current offering category of the Forrester Wave comparison of DAM vendors.

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