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Top 10 Adobe MAX Quotes For Creatives

November 8, 2017 by Maria Jollie 

 Top ten inspirational quotes from adobe max

Adobe MAX 2017 was an amazing conference made up of approximately 12,000 creatives. With so many visionary leaders in a single location, we couldn't help but overhear some quotes that are inspirational to the artistic community. Here are 10 quotes from the conference that we think are valuable for creatives!


Creativity is in all of us and it needs to be nurtured at a very young age.

-Ann Lewnes, EVP & CMO, Adobe

Adobe is focused on nurturing creativity, and there's something special about being able to recognize and stimulate the artistic side of humans from an early age. When we can embolden our youth to open their mind to new, exciting ideas, we are creating a more promising future for our world. An amazing thing about creativity is that it's everywhere, in the exciting moments and in the mundane moments, you never know when that spark of creativity will light a fire.


When you're a creative, you always have to be a little switched on because you don't know at what point…what's going to trigger something, like the lightbulb moment.

-Mark Ronson, Producer, Songwriter-musician

Creativity looks different for each person because it comes from within. Each artistic expression is derived from a personal event, viewpoint, or experience. All of us have our own personal contribution to the creative landscape. It can be a little uncomfortable to share from our personal experiences, but it adds a remarkable level of complexity and awe to the result.


I think that the work that feels personal and a little bit uncomfortable (because it's personal) is often times the most valuable.

-Emily Pilloton, Project H Design Founder

In a data-driven world, it can be difficult to prove the value of creativity. While we know that artistry generates successes, the results can't always be predicted. The important thing is to focus on being creative and experimenting with things that inspire you. By focusing on creativity, you can produce unique, significant results that get noticed.


When I first started making pots, I thought there's nothing to gain, there's nothing to lose, I just need to be creative. That was really how I started and any success that I've had has been purely a byproduct of an intense focus on creativity in everything that I do.

-Jonathan Adler, Potter, Designer, Author

Creativity can generate beauty, but it can also help develop answers to issues. By viewing situations with unique perspectives, we can develop new ways to tackle existing issues, improve processes, and strengthen connections. Designers practice problem-solving each time that they create something new.


Creativity is problem solving. Design is the visual expression of that problem solving.

-Stephen Gates, Global Head of Design for Citigroup, Inc.

The awesome thing about our generation, and generations to come, is that the advancement in technologies allows us to express ourselves even more than before. We have all the tools to make visions and dreams come to life, and all the connectivity to share our creations, stories, and ideas.


Your canvas is everywhere in a way that was never possible before, and every story can reach every single surface.

-Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO

With the world at our fingertips, reaching people with what we have created is possible. Connecting to other creatives and seeing what they can accomplish presents the opportunity to collaborate. Together, we can cultivate the creativity in each other to inspire and do more with what we can achieve.


We're all more connected than ever. This means that even within our creative community, made up of millions of you, there's an unprecedented desire to come together and to collaborate.

-Bryan Lamkin, Adobe EVP/GM, Digital Media

So, with all this opportunity to collaborate and create, our communities are important. The people you surround yourself will influence you and you will influence them. That's why it's important to find the people, teams, and tools that enable you to express your creative self in inventive ways.


You can create the communities you want to be part of. Just go build it. Don't wait for someone else to create them.

-Tina Roth Eisenberg, CreativeMornings

We are responsible for designing the creative communities we want to join and form. When we have the right influences, tools, and collaborations to let our creative ideas become realities, the possibilities for what we can do are endless. Creativity and design can literally change the world.


We have the ability to tell a story with the tools that we have today that can actually change someone's perspective, opinion, and action.

-Justin Ahrens, Rule 29[No text in field]

With creativity that inspires change, we can tell the stories that make the difference. And people like Annie Griffiths, Adobe MAX attendees, and creatives around the world, are changing the world for the better.


I had learned early on that the most creative people on earth are poor women. They're unbelievable! The most creative thing they do is they keep their children alive in some of the most god-awful circumstances you can imagine…and so I started really focusing on programs that empowered women and their children in the developing world. I knew that they were the key, that they were the best investment we could make in our shared future. And the thing that doesn't get talked about much in this world is that it's working. There's less poverty, more girls are getting an education it's not all doom and bloom. And it's because these people are magnificent.

-Annie Griffiths, Photojournalist