Quick Adoption

Eliminate the need to learn new tools. Users become part of your global enterprise workflows by simply working from a shared folder on their desktop. You get all the power of M4sterPlan without any need for users to learn new systems.

Seamless Distribution

To distribute files to a group of users, simply add them to the project folder. Presto! The files show up on their computers automatically. Need to make a change? Change them on your own desktop and your changes are instantly sent to the rest of the team.


M4sterPlan protects your precious assets with the enhanced security of encrypted traffic. The decision to make your solution local to your company walls means you don’t give up any functionality or security.

On-Premise or In The Cloud

Finally, a sync and share solution that sets your free. M4sterPlan’s flexible deployment options let you choose internal use only or use from a private or public cloud. Stop worrying about using sync and share due to concerns about security and control.

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