Case Study:
How Pivot Point Revolutionized Their Creative Process with the MediaBeacon Adobe Connector

Pivot Point is a publisher for the hair and beauty industry. They serve the licensure, or undergraduate, community where they publish content for about 2,500 schools across ~80 countries, as well as the professional market.

Since Pivot Point has many touchpoints in the licensure and professional market, they have a large pool of digital assets that they need to manage, including existing content to be repurposed for different markets.

When the new Adobe Connector became available as part of MediaBeacon, the folks at Pivot Point saw an opportunity to improve their creative process while helping MediaBeacon further the development of the connector.

They started by observing the different workflows to identify how to create a single workflow by eliminating unnecessary steps, adjusting steps, and merging steps in their processes based on current workflows from different designers.

“There was this ‘aha’ moment when the whole team realized how well it was working for them,” said Denise Podlin, The Digital Asset & Illustration Innovation Manager for Pivot Point. “I can’t tell you how excited our designers are with the new process and the Adobe Connector.”

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