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Enterprise Sync & Share Solution

M4sterPlan is secure Enterprise File Sync and Share for your distributed teams.

Great For Creatives

With M4sterPlan, your creative teams can work collaboratively, from anywhere at anytime. As you assign team members to a M4sterPlan project, the project plan and its assets are automatically delivered directly to their desktop. Your team members work the same as they always have. But in the background, all their work is being continuously synchronized: back to the DAM but also to everyone else on the team.

EFSS creatives

Efficient For Team Leads

New M4sterPlan project form

M4sterPlan makes it easy to manage projects and your teams.

Simply create a project, assign the team members, and enter the project’s start and due dates. When the start date arrives, any assets within the project will be automatically synced to team members desktops to start the project work.

When the project ends, all the assets that have been used for the project are uploaded directly back to the DAM.

Intuitive Metrics

Together with MediaBeacon’s built in Metrics, you gain insight into the work of your teams and its impact. M4sterPlan includes a central dashboard where you can easily track project activities. Every change in every project is monitored live so you’re always up to date with everything.

MediaBeacon Digital Asset Management (DAM) Metrics

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