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Different Ways to Share Content With DAM



Even though we live in a time where new technological innovations are seemingly coming forward at a rapid pace, it’s still astounding how difficult it can be to do something as basic as share digital files.

We’ve all been there. We need to send a digital image or logo to someone else in the company, or maybe an external partner, and they’re having trouble opening the darn thing. Perhaps it’s too big of a file, or they don’t have the right application needed to download it. Whatever the reason, being unable to share files can halt important, time-sensitive projects right in their tracks. Not only does the inability to properly share files cause frustration, but it can also cause deadlines to be missed.  

While we can put a man on the moon, we still have trouble sharing files. However, a solution to file-sharing issues is actually closer than one may think. With digital asset management (DAM) solutions like MediaBeacon, digital assets (images, logos, videos, whitepapers, etc.) can easily be shared. 

Let’s dive into just how much easier it is to share files by using solutions like MediaBeacon for internal and external teams and how DAM can improve collaboration on content projects. 

How DAM Makes it Easy to Share Content With Internal Teams

It’s essential that brands create processes so that digital assets can be shared without tedious delays that hamper productivity. Sharing content with your team should be simple, and that’s precisely what MediaBeacon can deliver. 

To send content to an employee that can also login to MediaBeacon, the user can save a specific search and then share the search results with those internal team members. In addition, users can also send a direct link to other employees with login credentials. 

Simply put, by using a single source of truth and giving asset access to all internal teams that need it, brands can enable better file-sharing capabilities throughout their organization. 

Sharing Content With External Teams Through DAM

Sharing content with internal teams is one thing, but DAM solutions can also enable sharing content with external partners, whether it’s an agency, dealer, or any other third-party that needs access to a brand’s digital assets.

While sharing internally requires login credentials for the recipient, sharing with external teams does not require a login on their end. Instead, the internal party can email a link with a download for the content they are sharing. This email can be sent directly through the DAM, and the internal team member can include an expiration date to ensure digital rights management with all their partners. If the external partner needs to get their hands on a lot of assets at once, MediaBeacon allows a collection of assets to be shared at one time through brand portals.  

No More Playing ‘Where’s Waldo’ With Brand Assets

As much fun as “Where’s Waldo” can be at times, the book can also be quite frustrating for both kids and adults alike. Trying to find a digital asset without clear processes is not unlike the most difficult “Where’s Waldo” Book of all time. Not only do digital asset management solutions allow brands to share assets easily, but they can also be found in an instant.

 With customizable metadata fields, users of MediaBeacon can organize and search for their assets without wasting time scanning massive folders for what they’re looking for. Just as important, assets housed in MediaBeacon will be safe and secure, ensuring that only those who need access have access.  

More Ways MediaBeacon Can Help Brands Thrive

With MediaBeacon, employees won’t have to download an asset and then deal with size restrictions or email roadblocks as they try to figure out the best way to share. Instead, MediaBacon gives creatives and marketers the ability to smooth out their content creation process through a more streamlined and simple approach. 

For example, users can ‘subscribe to assets in MediaBeacon, allowing them to receive notifications when the asset changes. This allows for full transparency when working with other employees on a specific piece of content and ensures that nothing is missed. MediaBeacon also has real-time updates and campaign management features, providing accurate access to the status of brand content projects.

Workflows are an immensely important piece of any brand process. MediaBeacon has creative workflow capabilities and critical integrations that allow designers to access assets and tasks straight from their creative software seamlessly. And because smart brands are always looking for ways to improve their processes, MediaBeacon also includes a comprehensive view into the length of campaigns, from their initial kick-off to the time they go to market. This allows project managers to identify key areas of improvement. 

To get started on integrating MediaBeacon into your current internal marketing and branding processes, reach out to us today! 

And, if you’re interested in seeing MediaBeacon up close and the scalability, integrations, and solutions it offers, you can schedule a demo too.