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The Best Digital Asset Management Software of 2019

Updated: July 22, 2019

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Finding the best DAM for your company is much like finding a soulmate. After all, you need to find an asset solution that is trustworthy, dependable, and able to work with your company as your needs change and evolve. You need to understand and align with the product roadmap of your DAM vendor because you are committing to a future together. Unlike the search for a soulmate, starting the search for your perfect DAM or marketing asset management solution can’t be done with a few right swipes on a phone app. You need to thoroughly evaluate your options and narrow down the list of contenders before you sit down for a candlelit dinner product demo.

Why DAM is Important for Your Business

A DAM can secure rights and permissions to your media content, which is crucial for any company to make sure that they are properly sourcing and securing digital assets. A DAM will ensure that your content is consistent across the board, which strengthens your brand identity and helps avoid the high costs associated with legal compliance issues.

As businesses continue to expand their marketing efforts, digital assets and information will grow, meaning that a centralized system that can store and organize these assets is necessary to make sure that all your bases are covered. This includes the ability to control who has access to your content and visibility into how it’s used.

Keep in mind, not every DAM is created equal. The software you ultimately end up choosing should be based on how you intend to use the product. These solutions are not one size fits all, so make sure that you identify and discuss your specific use-cases and user stories with potential DAM vendors.

Need a place to start looking for the most compatible DAM vendor? Check out this list of DAM software options to get the ball rolling.


Canto is one of the simplest DAMs on the market today, which makes them a smart choice for small businesses. Their software allows for easy tagging, collaborating, and reporting on company-wide digital assets.


MediaBeacon is a DAM that can handle complex use-cases, making it one the of best solutions for enterprise companies. The advanced integrations allow users to download assets from the DAM into creative tools and upload versions back into the DAM. The interface is clean, intuitive, and configurable so that your teams can distribute digital assets across departments and organizations all around the world.


Bynder’s DAM allows creative collaboration for getting through troublesome bottlenecks, as well as a brand portal that all teams within the organization can use. As an experienced DAM company, Bynder is a popular choice for many businesses looking to improve their digital marketing.


Since 1948, Widen has provided marketing services. Their DAM possesses some handy features, including ‘Collective,’ which allows the user to curate groups of assets for different teams, allowing for a simplified yet detailed organization.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets

One of Adobe Experience Manager Assets’s coolest features is its data-driven insights that utilizes in-depth analytics to make it easy to identify the pieces of content that are seeing the most engagement, and subsequently getting rid of the content that isn’t doing well.


Salsify’s resume is fairly impressive in terms of working with large companies, making them a great option for businesses similar in size to Coca Cola and Fruit of the Loom. Salsify also releases keyword intelligence reports so you know what areas to target for the most engagement.


Wipster promises dramatically faster turnarounds, hassle-free feedback, and seamless collaboration for their clients. Outdoor brands and apparel companies like Burton and REI use Wipster to keep their marketing operations in check.


If integration is what you want, CELUM’s DAM is fully integratable for easy connection to other systems. Their work-in-progress feature enables you to automate and track the creative process through version and task management.


If security is a main concern, then Digizuite is a great option, as their DAM makes securing your assets one of their top priorities. Digizuite preaches best in class operational efficiency, as well as a faster time to market.


With their cloud based DAM solution, Wedia provides a platform for all marketing assets and makes it easy to find and manage them across multiple channels. They also possess such features as notifications when action is needed to produce or validate content and the ability to schedule publications for release.


With Cloudinary, assets can be manipulated in real time and you can set an automatic tagging feature by color, object, and facial recognition. Their video management tool also allows you to integrate videos of any format into your website with ease.


OpenText integrates with various departments including marketing and the digital supply chain. Automate repetitive tasks and streamline the review and approval process with OpenText to keep your operation running smoothly.

Extensis Portfolio

A flexible DAM solution for organizations and workgroups of all sizes who are struggling with a large volume of digital content assets. With their automation feature, you can automate time-intensive tasks to save you valuable time.

Image Relay

Organize and distribute your digital materials from a secure spot on the cloud using Image Relay. This DAM receives high customer service reviews and wants to help you control and communicate the most valuable assets your brand possesses.


A trusted resource for many, MediaValet makes collaborating on and distributing marketing assets easy. They also offer a 24/7 customer service team which is free with a subscription.


Northplains wants to help you create authentic brand experiences for your customers, which is essential for creating connections with your consumers. Whether you’re a team of creatives, marketers, technologists, or financiers, Northplains has the solutions to make your life easier.


Nuxeo comes with a pay-as-you-go video transcoding tool and a low-code workflow management feature. It can also integrate with any legacy ECM, allowing you to access your assets without changing their location.


A simple software that is perfect for small businesses who are just starting to branch out with their marketing initiatives. The early stages of a business just starting out are key to the success, so software like MomaPIX DAM is a must have for all young businesses.


Use this DAMs Adaptive Metadata feature allows you to group metadata information into layers and only displays metadata that is relevant to the consumers accessing your media, helping to improve user experience.