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MediaBeacon DAM Version Release Announcement: 2018.1

Check out the updates in MediaBeacon digital asset management (DAM) release version 2018.1!

Adobe® Connector Enhancements

MediaBeacon Adobe Connector

The MediaBeacon Adobe® Connector that was released in version 2018.0 just keeps getting better! Here are a few added capabilities for your creative convenience:

With Business Process Management (BPM), you can upload new versions directly through the task manager in the Adobe connector.

Gain visibility into your projects by viewing the task description fields directly in the connector.

You get more control than ever with the ability to choose where your downloaded task assets are saved and with the added ability to switch between ACLs while in the connector.

Search with even more confidence when you use the added functionality to search by directory while in the connector.

Cloud Storage New

Now, you can store your assets securely in Amazon’s S3 Cloud while metadata is tracked through MediaBeacon. Your users won’t notice the difference but your local storage capacity will!

When it’s time to download the asset, you can choose to stamp the metadata to the asset or perform a quick download without the data stamp. Your assets will automatically sync to the specified bucket in S3 when they are added to MediaBeacon and MediaBeacon will call the asset back from S3 for the download.


Search is at the heart of DAM so we’ve made some updates to help make finding your assets easier. With 2018.1, you can edit a saved search, view your last search terms, and see additional results in a hierarchical search.


Your assets are valuable so we are constantly looking for ways to keep them as safe as possible. We’ve strengthened the security in version 2018.1 by adding support for an encrypted JDBC connection to the MediaBeacon databases.


We’re happy to report that 2018.1 includes improved API support for long running actions. Now, you can use REST API functions asynchronously to check on the progress of the command being executed.

Release Notes

Check out the technical release notes in MediaBeacon University.

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