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3 Key Takeaways From the Latest DAM Forrester Wave™ Report

When it comes to finding new solutions and software to integrate into your organization, you can’t just choose the first CMS, CRM, business invoicing software, or digital asset management (DAM) system that you find. 

No, the marketplace is much too cluttered for that, and there are pros and cons for each solution out there. The right software or tool for your organization is out there, but you have to do the proper research to find it. 

For those looking for digital asset management solutions, the Forrester DAM Wave™ Report is one of the best places to look for an in-depth view of some of the best DAM software out there today. 

If you want to find bias-free research on DAM, third party reports are a great place to start and can help you get a good understanding of potential DAM software suppliers that will work for your organization. With the Forrester Report, you will receive helpful information on DAM software for all industries, including CPG, Retail, Apparel, Healthcare, and more. 

The Forrester DAM Wave™ Report contains the following information: 

  • Top trends in DAM
  • A vendor comparison of the top enterprise DAM vendors
  • Placement on a wave of all the DAM vendors in comparison to each other
  • Vendor profiles for each DAM vendor in the report

And, instead of using arbitrary scores to rate each DAM software they look at, Forrester uses evaluation criteria grouped into three high-level groups: 

  • Current offering
    • Library services
    • Work-in-progress assets
    • Video and emerging content support
    • Marketing support
    • Usability and user interface
    • Enterprise platform integration
  • Strategy 
  • Market Presence

If you’re interested in downloading this report, you can do so here

We have read through the report and have compiled a list of three key takeaways from the Forrester DAM Wave™ Report in terms of what is most important for DAM software on the market today. 

First up, usability and why it matters so much in the digital asset management industry today. 

3 Key Takeaways From the Latest DAM Forrester Wave™ Report 

Usability is More Important Than Ever

For some things in life, extensive training and long hours perfecting the craft are necessary. For example, one cannot simply hit a major league baseball curveball without first establishing themselves as a bonafide hitter in high school, college, and the minor leagues. Or, one cannot become a NASA scientist without first learning the fundamentals of space travel during their schooling. 

However, there are other things in life that can be — and should be — closer aligned to the “learn as you go” philosophy. Today, DAM software, according to the Forrester Report, should fall within this category. 

For casual users, DAM solutions should not be complex to use and require hours and hours of training to master. Instead, these solutions should be intuitive right from the start. Why? Because companies should be able to save time by implementing a system in a way that is designed for their users. That way, they know it’s worth the initial investment. 

When you add something as game-changing as a new DAM software to your organization, the transition should be seamless for everyone involved. When software is easier to use, you’ll also get a higher rate of buy-in from your employees. 

DAM Must Support Work-in-Progress Assets.

While some people associate digital asset management software with simply being a library for all your assets, it should be much more than that in today’s business environment. 

Instead, it needs to connect to other systems so assets are available directly in platforms where creatives are working. It needs to support multiple file types (including 3D), it needs to connect to distribution systems, and it needs to be available across departments. 

Otherwise, all you are really getting is an improved method for organization and storing your assets. Which, don’t get us wrong, is extremely important in its own right, but you should expect something more out of your DAM software these days. And that’s why Forrester ranks the supporting of work-in-progress assets so important in its report. 

Enterprise Integrations are Important

Of course, adding a new DAM software and integrating it into your current systems should not be too painful. In fact, a DAM needs to be part of an enterprise ecosystem so it needs to include integrations that help systems connect to each other and access the same information.

Adding a new software should never be a hassle when it comes to your organization’s operations. And Forrester agrees that this should definitely be something to consider when searching for your new DAM software. 

Why MediaBeacon is the Right Fit For Your Organization 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more user-centric DAM software on the market today than MediaBeacon. We understand that when you need digital asset management, you want your users to be able to use it with ease. 

MediaBeacon is one of the DAM systems outlined in the Forrester Wave™ Report and is listed as a Strong Performer, citing MediaBeacon as a solution that “is a good fit for product companies that need a highly scalable DAM solution that supports 3D assets.”

MediaBeacon has key integrations and partners with popular systems, meaning it will integrate easily into your current operations. 

Some of the many key features of MediaBeacon include: 

  • Track assets to understand their ROI and lifetime value
  • Comprehensive view into the time it takes campaigns to go to market and identify areas for improvement
  • Track how digital assets are downloaded and distributed across the organization
  • Creative workflows and key integrations allow designers to access assets and tasks straight from their creative software
  • Keep internal and external teams accountable for automated notifications
  • Customizable metadata fields make organizing and searching for your assets a breeze
  • Advanced search options allow you to hone in on the exact asset you are looking for
  • Saved searches allow you to retain easy access to assets that are important to you
  • Assets are safe and secure in the DAM
  • Real-time updates and campaign management provide access to the status of your projects

To learn more about how MediaBeacon can help improve your organization, contact us today

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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