Six Ways DAM Revolutionizes Your Creative Process

Creative departments can run even smoother with the help of a digital asset management solution. Dive in to learn 6 ways DAM can help.

Huge Benefits DAM Has On Marketing

Gone are the days in marketing where files are missing. Where no one knows which file is the actual final one. Gone are the days where someone is out sick and therefore their work is not accessible to ensure a deadline isn't missed. Digital asset management helps with all of this and more.

These scenarios might be familiar to you:

One designer created the most recent file, and now another designer can't find it.

Your agency designed a key visual element but forgot to forward you the definitive files - and now they're too busy to hunt them up.

Your foreign subsidiary doesn't have the file for a definitive mark, so it quickly remakes it - and breaks a bunch of brand standards, requiring an extra round of design and printing.

Enterprise DAM software solves all these problems.

It saves time in searching for digital assets.

It gives all the right people access to the right files without requiring hand-holding or frantic cries for help.

It encourages all segments of a company to use the definitive, approved assets not to & "go rogue" and make their own.

You and everyone else in your department spend way too much time searching for digital assets like photos, videos, infographics and logos that you know are on the server somewhere, if only you knew where. Oh, and what the filename is.