Manage the Rights of your Assets with Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Take your DAM to the next level with DRM. FADEL’s cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) software, Rights Cloud, and MediaBeacon digital asset management (DAM) solution work together to bring you content governance. Rights Cloud protects against the misuse of digital media and allows professionals to see and track the usage rights and expirations of assets. Marketers use MediaBeacon to drive asset creation and easily find and distribute those assets based on the rights exposed through Rights Cloud.

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The Nightmare of Deciphering Content Rights

Deciphering content rights can feel like a nightmare and can turn into an actual nightmare if intellectual property rights are violated. DRM allows you to avoid infringement and its associated liability when working with assets and their governing agreements such as:

  • Talent agreements
  • Image licenses
  • Brand license agreements for product placement
  • Voiceover license agreements
  • Master use license for song rights

FADEL’s “Rights Magic” Directly Through MediaBeacon

Take the guesswork out of managing digital rights. FADEL delivers “rights magic” directly through MediaBeacon with their cloud-based solution, Rights Cloud.

Rights Cloud enables powerful brand compliance and protects the use of brand assets. With a single “rights” source across agreements, talent, and assets, marketers identify content expirations and violations with ease. Additionally, marketers receive analytics and reporting for better business decisions.

Brand Compliance Across the Content Workflow

The robust integration of DAM and DRM is intuitive and synergistic. Easily search and find relevant assets in MediaBeacon and clear them for use in Rights Cloud. Create content using approved assets and distribute them to market faster. Find live content and published images across brand, e-commerce, social, and partner websites and automatically track expirations and compliance status.

An Integration That Really Works

With Rights Cloud and MediaBeacon, users experience:

  • 70% reduction in time spent clearing assets
  • 30% reduction in asset creation and acquisition costs
  • 50% reduction in time spent managing asset rights
  • 90% reduction in asset rights violation cost exposure

Webinar: How to Take Digital Rights Management to the Next Level – Watch the Replay


FADEL®, innovator of rights and royalty management software, has worked with some of the biggest names in media, entertainment, publishing, fashion, beauty, high-tech and advertising. By automating talent and content rights management across videos, photos, ads, music, products and brands, and streamlining the processing of licensing royalties, FADEL’s cloud-based solutions have empowered businesses to significantly maximize revenues and increase process efficiencies.

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