3D Visualizer & Packshots

Quickly create GS1 compliant packshots and even custom angles.
Packshot creation is expedited by using your existing 3D models and generating nine views with a single click.


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Features List

Increase Speed To Market: Automate Your Packshot Workflow

Massive Savings
Do you send products off to the photo studio for product shots to be used in catalogs, the web and more? Our 9-view image creation completely changes the game and can save your organization immense time and money.

Standard and Custom Angles
Nine standard angles can be created with a simple click. Looking for a custom angle? No problem! Simply manipulate the 3D model in your browser and click the custom view button.

Metadata Attached
Each packshot image created gets the appropriate data and naming convention applied to it.


Extend The Life Of Your 3D Models


Make 3D Go Further
Now, when product shots are needed, you can put that 3d model of yours to more use. The 3D asset is no longer just for mocking up the product. It is your product shot. Our 9-view tool creates 9 images for you at the click of a button, with the option for custom angles too.

GS1 Compliant
The created packshot images are GS1 standards compliant, saving you immense time and money from having to send products and packaging to photography studios.

Savings Calculator

Estimate Your Savings
Use this quick calculator to get a rough idea on how much you could be saving annually by using this packshot tool.

How much do you pay per shot?

How many new and refreshed skus per year?

Your Annual Savings:

Math Breakdown
Here's a quick breakdown of the math being used in the calculation above: 
(price per shot * 9 angles) * new and refreshed skus per year = savings