Love, Metadata


Dear Future,

You seem so far away, but I know you will be here sooner than we all expect;
Because of that, I have tried to categorize with a vivid respect.

My catalogs, tags, and standards can overwhelm some;
But you aren't afraid of my distinguishing customizations,

They say file size doesn't matter, but to me, it truly does;
For you, my Dublin Core is as crystal clear as it ever was.

To some, I'm just the onerous component of a library
But to you, I'm the cherished pedestal of discovery

Location, date, time, and author are just some of the fields that define me;
I get chills from the admirable way you look at my controlled vocabulary

User acceptance testing can be hard on my doting soul;
But it's worth it knowing our treasured assets will be findable

I will always yearn for your unequivocal attention;
The way you revere my archives needs no intervention

Our complicated environment might confuse and distract you;
Only your loving modifications can change my view

The way you search through my soul is rare;
It encourages my descriptive atmosphere

Together, we fight for the preservation of digital resources;
Our bond creates the strongest of searchable forces

An admin might define my illuminating being;
But the way you search through me defines all feeling

You love my drop-downs, folder structure, and taxonomy;
And for you, I can make a thorough search and bulk download easy

A blank data field might cause an irrational fight;
But, Future, we have our whole lives to make it right

Future, you will understand in just a bit;
I might not be easy, but I'm worth it.