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The Top Consultants for Digital Asset Management in 2019

Are you thinking about implementing a digital asset management (DAM) solution or evaluating your current marketing technology? A DAM consultant can help!

DAM consultants are experts in the industry so they are familiar with the capabilities of vendors and can help you select and implement a solution to fit the needs of your company. Brands that utilize these consultants tend to be larger companies who need help organizing all their digital assets to keep them accessible and reusable throughout the organization. Keep in mind that most DAM consultants can also provide guidance to help audit and restructure your current marketing technology stack.

If you’re looking for ways to improve or enhance your marketing technology, check out this list of the top digital asset management consultants.


If you’re part of a large, global business that is struggling to manage all your digital assets, then check out Gartner. This consulting company promises trusted insights, strategic advice, and practical tools that make executing your strategy simple and streamlined.

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is heavy in the data sector. They work with their clients to establish which industry trends are worth going for and can help create a smart and strategic plan to help accomplish your business goals. This is another consulting company for very large companies.

Real Story Group

Real Story Group is committed to helping your business succeed digitally. Their consulting services include audits of existing systems against marketplace trends and project prioritization, sequencing, and budgeting.

Forrester Research

Forrester Research understands the importance of the digital-first mindset. Their goal is to take the non-digital savvy companies and catch them up to speed with the competition. They specialize with large global brands and will assist them in strategizing and implementing their digital strategies.

Aberdeen Group

The Aberdeen Group focuses on looking at the intent behind marketing and sales solutions through a brand’s digital presence. So, if you’re confused and not sure what your goals should be and how to reach them, the Aberdeen Group can help.

Constellation Research, Inc.

Constellation Research, Inc. is a technology and advisory firm. The company provides direction on digital trends and disruptive technology to help companies understand how they can benefit from implementing the right systems.


As a boutique firm that specializes in IP rights and digital assets, KlarisIP has the right operations in place to help your business succeed. They assist organizations in ensuring that they put the proper systems in place when it comes to their digital asset needs.

Optimity Advisors

Optimity Advisors promises collaboration as part of their services. They have the experience and well-rounded expertise to ensure that everyone who is a part of your organization, including the customers and technology providers, is included in finding the right digital asset management solution.


MediaBeacon is a DAM vendor that also has a service team to help you implement your solution. The solution delivery team will meet with you to understand your needs and configure the DAM to address your pain points and user stories.

Blum Consulting Partners

Another DAM consultant that works with a lot of Fortune 500 companies and large advertising firms across all industries and platforms, Blum Consulting Partners is an excellent choice for businesses who have a lot of employees and need to streamline their digital asset management.


Marketing technologies, creative production, and digital asset management all fall within the parameters of ICP’s services. Their goal is to truly understand their client’s point of view to better provide them with solutions for their DAM systems.

Borrowed Insight

Borrowed Insight has worked with a vast range of clients, including those in the magazine, brand management, and eCommerce spheres. Borrowed Insight is one single person, so if you’re looking for one-on-one service, this is a solid option.

Percent Gray

Percent Gray understands that content should be the core of your business. Because of this, they know the importance of making sure that your digital asset logistics are carefully configured for maximum efficiency.

LAC Group

The LAC Group is a trusted DAM consultant. Their services include content curation, information science protocols, project planning and management, and digital rights and permissions. If your business is in banking, finance, or law industry, then the LAC Group is a fantastic option.


Avalon does a lot, but they offer high-quality services for all that they provide. Avalon Consulting, LLC can help your business in the following ways: metadata strategies, DAM integration and customization, digital rights management, asset and metadata preparation, and custom DAM solutions.

Coffee + Dunn

Don’t let the name fool you, Coffee + Dunn doesn’t actually serve up caffeinated beverages. This well-rounded digital consulting company takes a plan, build, run approach to their clients. Plan the marketing strategies, build the campaigns using tools, and finally run the campaign.


If you need assistance with your website, then DPCI is a safe bet. While many web consultants will say, “see you later,” once the site has launched, DPCI sticks around to assist in helping you improve the way you create, manage, and deliver digital content.

Freedom Marketing

Freedom Marketing understands the importance of time. Specifically, the importance of being efficient with your digital marketing strategies. They offer services on both the strategy/planning and build/rollout sides, including creative workflow and campaign mapping, user interface creation, and performance optimization.