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MediaBeacon 24.03 Release Notes

What's New

Restricted Asset Access

The Restricted Asset Access feature enables a MediaBeacon General User (Requestor), who has been restricted from downloading assets, to submit a request to the Approver (Admin) for permission to download those assets while they remain viewable. Upon approval from the Approver, the Requestor is allowed to download such assets.

  • The actual flow begins when the Requester discovers that the assets are viewable but restricted from download.
  • The Requester raises a request to the Approver for download.
  • The Approver is notified through both email and MediaBeacon notification for action.
  • The Approver reviews the request and takes action by either approving or rejecting it.
  • The Requester is notified by email after the Approver action.
  • The Requester is permitted to download the assets that have been approved by the Approver.
  • The actions performed with this functionality are saved to history. Three new actions are added: Download Request, Download Approved, and Download Rejected.
  • The Download Request shows all the assets requested. Download Approved shows the assets that are approved, and Download Rejected shows the assets that are rejected.
  • The "My Requests" window displays the status of all requests raised by the Requestor.
  • The "My Tasks" window shows the status of all actions performed by the Approver.

Known Limitations

  1. Request ID cannot be added under 'Field to Display' for assets in Infinite Scroll View and Tile View Configuration
  2. Quick search with Request ID returns results for assets containing a subset of Record ID, Request ID, and File Contains, while showing a status bar for Record ID or File Contains.
  3. If the Approver ACL lacks Download Permissions and Conditional Download, it halts the asset approval process.
  4. If the Approver ACL lacks permissions to view requested assets, root path, and search filter, then it halts the asset approval process.
  5. If a user is part of both the approver and requestor groups, and they attempt to approve a request from the requestor group, the approval may fail due to download restrictions imposed by the requestor group.
  6. If the actual size of the assets exceeds the defined size in the property, download requests will not be processed.
  7. Request to Download form needs to be removed manually from the group in case if it was added earlier.
  8. The Download Request shows all the assets requested. Download Approved shows the assets that are approved, and Download Rejected shows the assets that are rejected.


Upgrade Ghostscript Version to 10.02.0

  • Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript language and PDF files. The Upgraded version improves Preview generation for PDF Files.
  • PDF Layers issue is fixed with this upgrade.
  • Preview aligns Vertical for page that doesn’t fit Horizontally.

Upgrade GraphicsMagick Version to 1.3.40

  • Security fixes and bug fixes are done with this version.

Support SQL Server 2022

  • To extend the support to latest version of SQL Server and to stay in line with other Esko applications.

New Action on History page

  • History page now shows Action for Dictionary Creation and Deletion.

Send External Link Changes

  • To field accepts only Email so we changed To Field place holder to show “Type email address”.

Delete Button Icon in Asset Links

  • The Delete icon used for deleting an entire asset group is also displayed in red color.

External Portal Tooltip

  • Tool Tip is shown for Infinite scroll, Tile view and List view icons.

User Configuration changes

  • We have introduced a User Notes Text Field and Update and Send Email button with this enhancement. The admin will now be able to add Justification to this new field and send email to users notifying the changes made to User configurations.
  • Customized Email Template can be created and added to build in template folder for sending email. mb3/src/main/resources/built_in/templates/
  • This Features can also be used to customize their New User registration process.

Bug Fixes

MediaBeacon - Tile View - on page numbers with 4+ digits, page numbers not displayed in single line.

[Issue]: View of Pagination is not in one line on navigating to a 4-digit page number.

[Fix provided]: Page number is showing in same alignment.

Managed Versions form displays the same date on all versions.

[Issue]: Managed Versions shows same original date for versioned assets.

[Fix provided]: Managed Versions shows versioned date.

Not all titles displaying properly since update.

[Issue]: File names wrap to the next line.

[Fix provided]: File name appear in single line.

Places browser directory places not respecting ACL root path restrictions.

[Issue]: Places browser allows visibility of assets and folder paths that should not be available to that respective ACL.

[Fix provided]: Places browser applies the root path restriction set at ACL.

MediaBeacon - Null Values in Upload ID.

[Issue]: The Upload ID is null on Uploaded assets via Import API

[Fix provided]: Upload id is added.

MediaBeacon - Pinpoint Text and Phrases in Quotation.

[Issue]: Quick search with multiple words within phrase in combination with bidirectional search returned all assets.

[Fix provided]: Only the assets that contain the phrase are returned.

Download records are being duplicated.

[Issue]: Duplicate entries for download actions are found in history.

[Fix provided]: Preset names added for download actions in History.

Issue with Forms expanding.

[Issue]: Switching to Workspace tab or Admin core results in Issue with Form expansion.

[Fix provided]: Switching doesn’t affect the form expansion.

"No ACLs available" message.

[Issue]: No ACLs error was thrown when user is trying to login with missing root path folder.

[Fix provided]: User will be shown with a warning “Cannot find the ACL root path Switching to available ACL”.

500 error in DiscussionService, from 'NaN' value in mb:endTime for a discussion.

[Issue]: ‘NaN’ value in discussion field for mb:endTime causes ‘attempt to reconnect’ in web UI.

[Fix provided]: Fallback value set for NaN start & end time.

workspaces can get in state where you can't add a component via 'Manage > Workspace' area.

[Issue]: Cannot add html widget and save workspace changes.

[Fix provided]: All widgets to the workspace can be added and saved.

can get many effectively-duplicate 'upload_last' saved selections getting made when uploading via REST API.

[Issue]: Duplicate 'upload_last' saved selections are made when uploading via REST API.

[Fix provided]: Restricted the creation of 'upload_last' saved selections on uploading via REST API.

"View Only" fields don't display in asset view.

[Issue]: Expanding a Form that contain Field set with UI Element “View Only” resulted in error.

[Fix provided]: Field is displayed with read only mode.

Downloading from Cart

[Issue]: If only one asset is present in cart and if you download the cart, the asset is downloading with default download name rather than filename.

[Fix provided]: Single or Multiple assets are downloaded (with and without zip).

Issue with entering keywords in fields in MB

[Issue]: When a new term is typed into the field that is not in the associated dictionary or is misspelled, the field automatically clears of all Terms.

[Fix provided]: When a new term is typed into the field that is not in the associated dictionary or is misspelled, an error message is shown on saving the form.

Modal not closing on Group Creation

[Issue]: Editing a group becomes slow if the root path is set to a folder containing many subfolders.

[Fix provided]: It checks whether the path existed or not by comparing the directory id and if it exists, the validation is successful else throws Invalid data exception. So, it is fast and consistent across the folder structure.

PDF files Missing Layers

[Issue]: Missing Barcodes and Background colors in PDF

[Fix provided]: Handled by upgrading Ghostscript./p>

Bulk Versioning issues on 23.11 MediaBeacon for non S3 instances

[Issue]: Upload a new version of the same file name using the Bulk version functionality with match on file name. The result is upload of a new asset (instead of a new version of the existing asset(s)) with a notification error:

[Fix provided]: Tweaked the logic of xmp validation based on solr.

Data is not persistent with files

[Issue]: MB does not sync XMP into the file when mb.s3.xmp.sync.quickdownload=true' and download of original asset with 'Zip original downloads' is toggled off in Workspace Options.

[Fix provided]: Added the logic to fetch XMP based on property and S3 environment.

ACL/Groups issues - Need MB screenshare

[Issue]: Duplicating a group duplicates all the group memberships.

[Fix provided]: Prevented the duplication of user’s field on duplication of group in admin core.