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MediaBeacon 23.11 Release Notes

What's New

Extend Renditions Download Feature on External Portal

External Portals are used to share assets via publishing to a public S3 bucket. When creating the external portal, the user is provided with a link that can be shared with external users. External can download the shared assets using this link.

In MediaBeacon 23.11, users are provided with an option to “Allow Conversion Downloads” while creating the External Portal. This option is displayed on both Create and Republish dialog boxes. MediaBeacon users can a link with external users to download existing renditions of the original assets.

Please note a Publish Rendition license is required to have this feature in the External Portals Dialog.

VFM 23.11

  • PSB conversion support: The assets with the extension. psb can generate asset conversion like any other extension in the Content Hub.
  • Setting ‘Download Original’ Option in Preset tab: The Download Original is displayed in the Preset tab irrespective of the Custom Conversion.
  • Bulk Edit ignores OnChange JS for Append Action: Validating the Bulk Edit Append Action for Set Character Limit is possible.

General Fixes

  • Fixed the List view keyboard shortcut.
  • Able to retrieve proper search results with advanced search.
  • Eps files are downloaded.
  • Mandatory search remains hidden on multiple refreshes.
  • Fixed the Page Navigation issue.
  • Fixed the List view keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed the issue of first key not getting entered in the text area box.
  • Fixed the issue with setPermission and Revoke using workflow API.
  • Fixed the bulk version on upload.
  • Selected assets can be unselected in preview mode.
  • Fixed the Search within Record ID facet.
  • Most recent asset version open on Adobe Connector.
  • Only distinct values of pantones are stored in XMP filed.
  • .EPS files are downloaded as .EPS.
  • Previewing files with long file paths works fine.
  • PSB conversion is supported.
  • Download Original appear in Preset Tab.
  • Manager variant ID is unique for every asset.
  • Dynamic dictionary validation on Manually entered data.
  • Fixed the MediaBeacon - External portal error
  • CR3 files rendering.
  • Sync field to dictionary option works fine.