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MediaBeacon 23.07 Release Notes

What's New

Add ability to choose column headers in Admin Core

Mediabeacon is now configured to add additional user fields like Company, Department, Address, City, Region, Email etc. as Filter headers. This can be used to arrange and filter the headers.

We have added Last Login Date that captures the last login date of all users.

MediaBeacon Administrators can generate a report (CSV, XML, Tab Delimited, Custom Delimited) with user details. This report will not only provide user details but also helps in finding Active and Inactive Users.

Data Block Search support

MediaBeacon now supports search of Data Block fields via the Advanced Search and REST API with the condition “Null” or “Not Null”. The search returns assets with or without Data block fields.

General Fixes

  • Filtering by folder tree now also includes the relative path not just the full path.
  • .webp files can be previewed.
  • Asset Check-Out option is available in the Adobe Connector for General Users.
  • Clicking Enter validates the form rules.
  • Rectified the dimension value issue in the newly uploaded assets.
  • The dimensions database field now displays valid information.
  • Uploading a folder to S3 with a trailing space is possible.
  • The password will be saved when the user republishes the External Portal.
  • Rectified the data issues in the metrics file.
  • Fixed the Aspera pop up window while dragging and dropping a new version upload.
  • Versioning an asset will not remove the Asset links.
  • The "Clear Invalid" button will now work on Permission Restrictions.
  • Bulk edit will not remove leading spaces while appending.
  • Selection size will be displayed on the cart.
  • File Size will be updated on a versioned asset.
  • Missing mandatory date field validation is now fixed .
  • The getTotalSearch() method issue in search is resolved .
  • Uploading assets to the selected folder will not create a separate folder structure.
  • Fixed the downloading or saving a new version of the. webp asset via Crop functionality.
  • Copying or moving the empty folder to an existing folder is fixed.
  • Rectified the Asset Pagination issue.
  • MediaBeacon loads after duplication of Themes.
  • MediaBeacon can filter by Index directory in the folder tree.
  • In Asset view Video assets play till the end.