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MediaBeacon 23.03 Release Notes

What's New

We’re pleased to share that MediaBeacon 23.03 is now available!

Bulk Version Assets on Upload

  • Bulk versioning allows users to version multiple assets at one go

Improved Handling of Dynamic Dates

  • Enhances support for writing Dynamic Dates ($today) based on configurations

Allow Setting Default Search

  • Allows the General Users to save the search as Default on ACL level
  • The workspace loads with the saved search on Login

Value For Maintenance

  • Allows for the Downloading of s3-synced and non-s3-synced assets together

General Updates

The following issues have been addressed and fixed to improve your experience:

  • Truncated uploads failing if copy through RemoteFileTransferServlet takes more than 30 seconds
  • The prevented deletion of folder in Directory Search component if there's a Places Browser component using ‘button' display mode
  • mb.overwrite.on.conflict' not obeyed with current MediaBeacon
  • Prevented conversion type via 'script options'
  • Bulk edit 'Append' action
  • Javascript on download not working from cart
  • Downloading large files via External link