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MediaBeacon 22.11 Release Notes

What's New

We’re pleased to share that MediaBeacon 22.11 is now available! Check out the highlights below to see what’s new or access the documentation here.

3D Format Support

  • Support for previewing OBJ and GLB formats including repositioning and export of PNG renditions

Rendition Publishing (add-on)

  • New capability to create a visual workflow which can publish a rendition of an asset to a public S3 bucket.
  • Links to published renditions are available via the REST API.

Aspera On-Cloud Support (add-on)

  • Aspera connector support includes Aspera On-Cloud for implementation in AWS. Aspera enables high-speed upload and download when used with a plug-in on the user’s desktop.

Previewing Updates

  • Color saturation when previewing or converting .psd files has been fixed.
  • Support for WebP file previewing.
  • Adobe Connector exported PDFs no longer appear “washed-out”.

General Updates

  • Tomcat efficiently shuts down and restarts.
  • Fixed a potential issue which could create many open jetty connections to the database
  • Fixed potential issue where infinite scroll component would stop functioning caused by data synchronization issue between SQL and SOLR
  • Improved consistency with Video Original permission to ensure download is restricted in appropriate situations
  • Updates implemented addressing potential Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities