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MediaBeacon 22.07 Release Notes

What's New

We’re pleased to share that MediaBeacon 22.07 is now available! Check out the highlights below to see what’s new or access the documentation here.

MSSQL Configuration changes required during upgrade

  • Updated MSSQL jdbc driver requires additional parameters within the JDBC string
    • Prior to initially starting MediaBeacon after the upgrade, append the following to JBDC configuration: ;encrypt=true;trustServerCertificate=true

Selection UX Improvements

  • Selection Menu Improvements: Provided more consistency to the context of the menus
  • Shopping Cart Update: Incorporated feedback from users and UX testing to provide more efficient behavior with docked carts
  • Subscription for selections: Provided clarity of selection state within subscription menu for selections
  • Update selection palette to include logo

External Portal Enhancements

  • Asset List View: Provided a list view within the External portal with admin configured fields
  • Search Criteria Portals: Portals can now be created based on search criteria and updated based on content that matches the criteria
  • Terms and Conditions: Administrators may now show specific terms and conditions to users prior to accessing the portal
  • Passphrase: Added the ability to require a passphrase before initial portal access
  • Added ability to define group specific header/home button for external portals
  • Added ability to define a separate set AWS credentials from general asset storage for external portal
  • Added ability to have arbitrary URL used for external portal S3 content (not for internal MB s3 usage)

Search and Metrics Updates

  • Improved Date Search: Clarified UX around “Last Year” date searches and improved UI around fulfilling
  • Added metrics report export for downloads

Dictionary Updates

  • Added Dictionary auto-updating of metadata terms to Dynamic Dictionaries
  • Added logging of the user action of dictionary modifications
  • Enhanced our API to manage updates of dynamic dictionaries

General Updates

  • Link to directories: Add a menu option for providing a direct link to a specific directory of assets
  • Improved System Status UI by consolidating into fewer tabs
  • Added ability to rename groups of Asset Links
  • Added description section to fields in admin core
  • Added ability to use templates for SAML account locked screen
  • Improved handling of empty collections so MediaBeacon now cleans-up and removes empty collections that are more than 1 day old
  • Added capability to provide keyboard paging to next/previous page using shift + left/right arrow
  • Added capability to use `$today` for substitution in bulk edit stamps and visual workflows