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MediaBeacon 22.03 Release Notes

What's New

User Experience

We strive to improve the usability of our platform. The latest release includes the following improvements:

1. Copy Collection Link

Have you struggled with quickly sharing a collection? It is now possible to copy the link of a collection for easier sharing. This can be done through the Load Collections dialog.

Good to know: Users require a MediaBeacon login to load a shared collection link.

2. Configurable Tooltips

To help users understand what different fields mean, we now give the possibility to configure the text of on-hover tooltips. You can find this in the admin area. Learn more

Upload Failure Report

When uploading assets, there is now a notification when assets fail, and the user can download an Upload Failure Report with some asset data. Learn more

Notification Enhancements

We now offer the ability to subscribe to specific actions of an asset (e.g., Download, Edit, Version, Delete, Discussion). Learn more

Standard Image Property Metadata

Image property metadata is now core viewable and searchable for users.

Other Enhancements

User Interface

  • Improve Progress bar for S3.


  • Expanding 'Quick download with placed assets' to AI files - previously this was limited to INDD files. (Documentation)
  • Added terms on "Orientation" field - "Panoramic Portrait" and "Panoramic Landscape" (Documentation)
  • Add a “description” field to MediaBeacon metadata creation field - Providing a new field for “Description” for when creating a new MediaBeacon metadata field
  • Add search filter column for field "display name" in the admin field search window

Fixed Bugs

  • Add two buttons to the video playback, +10s, -10s
  • Add ability to recognize more aspect ratios
  • Support previews for rest of Apple Office suite
  • Add copy to clipboard action to saved collection
  • Asset Linking strategy is not robust enough to handle various strategies and edge cases
  • Expand ability to download linked files to illustrator files as well
  • Add ability to modify dictionary terms from REST API
  • If you attempt to email a selection of assets, use external link infrastructure
  • Add new filtering support for template list in project creation
  • Notification Center should have an Approval filter in the dropdown
  • Add template content to discuss email
  • Time difference between UTC and Sentia sites hosted in CEST causing 'date_entered' value to be off by two hours in Solr
  • Do not change off login workspaces if we have a Search or Collection in the URL