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MediaBeacon 21.11 Release Notes

What's New

Optimized Navigation and Menu

We strive to improve the usability of our platform. The latest release includes the following improvements:

1. Upload action moves to the Menu Bar with "Create Data Asset" as a sub-option. This allows for easier and faster upload action, saving you time on your day-to-day uploading.

2. "Saved Selections" are now "Saved Collections", and you can load them in the top menu bar.

3. When assets are selected, the selection menu overlays the menu bar. This allows for smoother navigation; no jumping content when assets are selected.

4. Share contains the following ways to share files: directly create a Saved Collection, or share via External Portal, External Link, Contact Sheet or Email. This creates a centralized sharing, leading to a less scattered UI.

Download improvements

Downloading is a crucial part of a user’s interaction with the DAM system. To improve the experience of this action, we created a Download Popup where all the available conversions are centralized. In this new Download Popup, you can do 2 new things:

  • Download the original format of your asset
  • Download multiple conversions at once

This allows you to gain time by performing the action once instead of having to do one iteration per conversion, which quickly becomes cumbersome.

MediaBeacon also gives you feedback while you are downloading your conversions, so you can follow its progress while working in your system.

Brand Portal improvements

TWe understand the Brand Portal is the entry gate and face of your brand’s DAM, and that requires more complex layouts. As an effort to facilitate that, you can now delimitate your content by splitting a section into 1 to 3 columns.

Administration improvements

To give more flexibility on the administration of your system, we enhanced the role of the Group Administrator. With this release, the Group administrator can effectively control group users, forms, interfaces, and permissions.

Esko iPaaS

Esko has launched a platform for standard integrations and MediaBeacon now has its brand-new connector. With this platform, there is a potential to connect with 1000+ applications, and we are creating connectors based on customers’ needs. Currently, we have available connectors with SharePoint, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Other Enhancements

UI Features

  • The Conversion configuration form now supports drag and drop to reorder items.
  • Enhanced Upload notification for corrupt and failed file uploads.

General Features

  • Quicksearch supports the ability to have multiple terms pasted into it from Excel.
  • On download, files can be renamed with data from specific fields.
  • MediaBeacon remembers the user’s last ACL and logs in directly into it.
  • You can export datablock data via the getFields API, which outputs a well formatted JSON.