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MediaBeacon 21.03 Release Notes

Brand Portals

A new interface designed to welcome users into the system, presenting a branded experience with easy navigation to assets that matter. The Brand Portals allow single click navigation to assets based on saved searches, saved selections, or workspaces.


New Brand Portals

New Component: Logo Component

The new Logo Component, allowing a logo to be placed left, center, or right-aligned with control over the height and width of the logo.

New Brand Portal Configuration Options:

Places Browser: New Tile Square mode enables Global Administrators to select a background color, text color, and a background image (and one specific to dark theme) for Places displayed in the Brand Portals.

Featured Content: New Tile Square mode displays assets.

HTML Component: New Background Mode allows text to display in an attractive, readable format even over a background image.

New Workspace Options

Background Image: Set a static, full screen background image behind components.

Home Button Click: This new property allows easily defining a destination workspace on click of the Home Button, which enables users a quick method to return to the Brand Portal.

Brand Portal Template: A new Brand Portal workspace template has been added to help with the creation of Brand Portals.

Single Stage Approvals

MediaBeacon’s 21.03 release adds single stage approval cycles within MediaBeacon, using the Approval Viewer. Users are able to submit assets for approval, specifying the approvers and a due date. Assets are presented to approvers in the Approval Viewer, where they provide feedback, reject, or approve those submissions.


Product Enhancements

Project Creation - WebCenter

WebCenter Integration: Improved the project creation flow from MediaBeacon by using MediaBeacon’s standard notification framework when a project is created. Clicking the notification will take the user to the project in WebCenter. MediaBeacon also now tracks the date that assets are sent to a WebCenter Project.

External Portal Management

  • Added the ability to append to an External Portal’s existing list of assets.
  • Added the ability to define default, static text to the description block in the email notification when sending an External Portal email.
  • Administration of External Portals is now visible only to the users who created them, and to users within their group. Global Administrators retain access to administer all external portals.
  • External Portals now track the email addresses with which the portal was shared. If a portal is reshared, additional addresses are appended to the list.
  • Different External Portals may now use the same “Name” string as another portal.


Technical Enhancements:
  • Added the ability to S3 uploads to fall back to standard upload protocol if that upload event fails.
  • When a user converts a set of files with mixed formats, any file that cannot be converted to the selected format will be downloaded in the original format.
  • Uploading via an HTML Upload component with an upload form now functions correctly.
  • Find Like Assets is now available in the List View.
  • Invalid and Required field entries now have a red highlight in Dark Mode.
  • A “Remove From Cart” command has been added to the conextual menu of assets shown in a user’s Cart. MediaBeacon and Esko users are now automatically not counted against user licenses.
  • Updated UI in the Quick Search component to better support long search terms.