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Welcome To MediaBeacon 2019.2

MediaBeacon 2019.2 is here.

Here's some of what's new in MediaBeacon 2019.2!

Asset Subscriptions and Notifications New

New and improved MediaBeacon notification menu

With the new asset subscription feature, you can subscribe to assets and see notifications in a bell icon on the menu bar. Simply subscribe to an asset and you’re all set to receive notifications based on actions to the asset, such as when the asset is edited.

Search Flexibility

Example of editing search criteria in MediaBeacon 2019.2

Ever make a typo or want to make a slight change to your search criteria? Now you can! We’ve added the ability to directly edit the value of any search criteria in MediaBeacon so you don’t have to start your search over when you want to make changes.

Workflow Updates

We’re happy to share that we set up workflow and dictionaries on a friend date and we think they are quickly becoming besties. Through their newfound friendship, you can use write metadata values to assets based on dictionary entries and synonyms through workflow. So you want to change metadata values from burger to hamburger? No problem! Run the workflow and it will be done before you get your own burger from the drive through.

Adobe Connector Enhancements

Of course we can’t help but keep on enhancing the Adobe Connector. A couple of the additions include the ability to filter saved searches by using quick search and an option to automatically update asset links through the connector.

And More

Those are just a few of the highlights but we’ve got even more updates, such as the ability to view comments on version assets, rename assets in bulk through import/export, and the ability to edit authorized external application addresses in the server GUI application when MediaBeacon is in a non-running state.

Check out the release notes to learn more!