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MediaBeacon 2019.0 – Your Designers Are Going to Love This

Remember when your creatives had to login to a system to find an image to use, then download it, then take it out of their downloads folder just to open it, then place it into Adobe® InDesign® so they could finally start their project?

And when they were done with their creative masterpiece, they would have to save it, zip it up with all the links, and upload the new version back into the system.

Make complicated lifecycles a thing of the past with the improved MediaBeacon Adobe® Connector! We've made some updates with our 2019.0 digital asset management (DAM) release that we think you and your creatives are going to love. Here are a few of the newest features: 
  • Search. Users can search directories directly through the Adobe® Connector in Photoshop® and InDesign®.
  • FPO. Users can set whether to use For Placement Only (FPO) at the local level. The option to enable FPO is in the Adobe® Connector menu and includes the option to update to high-resolution when necessary.
  • Links. Users can upload InDesign® files with all the linked assets included when the asset is uploaded back into the DAM through the Adobe® Connector. 
  • Drag and Drop. Thumbnails are now available when an asset is added to the connector via Drag and Drop in InDesign® and Photoshop®. The thumbnail is replaced with the high-resolution asset when it is available.

If all you need is a basic image edit or two, simply use the new Image Editor directly in MediaBeacon. The Image Editor allows you to crop and rotate images, add filters and color enhancements, and download and save new versions directly through Asset View.

In addition to the Adobe® Connector and Image Editor, we've made lots of enhancements and fixes to the workflow, user interface, admin interface, performance, and more! To see more enhancements and fixes in the MediaBeacon 2019.0 release, check out the technical release notes on MediaBeacon University.