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MediaBeacon 20.2 Release Notes

New Features

Connect with Sitecore

MediaBeacon 2020.2 includes a connector option so that assets from MediaBeacon can be published to Sitecore.

Be in the Know with Download Notifications

Downloading files is an integral part of the user experience in MediaBeacon. In the 2020.2 release, we’ve redefined the download process so that it’s incorporated into Notifications. New in MediaBeacon, users have a central place to see their downloaded and converted files in addition to being alerted when new versions are ready for consumption.

Downloads are now incorporated into Notifications

Simplify the View of Asset Associations

There are many ways to view asset relationships in MediaBeacon. We’ve updated the Asset Links, Document Reports, and Versions so the UI is consistent to provide users with a uniform approach for managing differing types of asset associations.

Improved asset links UI

Control Your Search

Being able to find assets quickly and effectively is important to your whole user community. Since every user has their own way of searching, we’ve updated our Quick Search capabilities to put more control in the user’s hands. Users can now choose to search in their current results, or if they want to override the current search. Users can also toggle between And/Or for their search terms.

New search options showing and conjunction and search within results

General Enhancements

  • When creating a video clip, users are presented with configured upload forms to add additional data to the new clip
  • Users can now filter for types of notifications
  • Users can create custom notifications
  • Form components now show metadata template options
  • Deleting terms from dictionaries now automatically deletes the values from assets
  • New Field: Video Aspect Ratio
  • External portals now track who they were shared with based on the email addresses on portal creation