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MediaBeacon 20.1 Release Notes

New Features

Share Easily with External Portals

The new External Portals allow users to share assets with that can be accessed without a login to your system. These portals are designed to be easily created, branded, and controlled so your assets can be shared externally in a user-friendly way. You can control if the External Portal is view only, or if it allows the recipients to download the files.



User Friendly Selection Mode

The Selection Mode is an exciting update to the User Interface in MediaBeacon and includes multiple changes to the core User Experience.

  • The Selection Menu is redesigned to a Selection Bar
  • The Selection Bar is hidden until assets are selected
  • New Checkmark Icon on asset previews to select files and initiate Selection Mode
    • In Selection Mode, the asset preview can be clicked to select and deselect additional assets
  • When not in Selection Mode, a single click on the asset preview will open the asset view


Notifications During Uploads

The upload process will now be visible through toast progress bars. The completion of the upload will trigger a notification bell and allow the user to load the uploaded assets within the view component.


General Enhancements

  • The Dynamic Form set up has been simplified to limit the amount of rules needed to configure common scenarios.
  • The Adobe Connector now supports check in check out.
  • The Adobe Connector now allows the user to specify the directory location for new asset uploads.
  • The Adobe Connector Tasks now have a search bar to filter on tasks, and thumbnails are shown for task documents.
  • Component configuration changes are now tracked in Metrics.
  • When invited users create an account, the user who created the invite will receive a notification.
  • Added ability for users to filter on saved searches that they have created in the Advanced Search.
  • Added a visual indicator to show workspaces that are shared with other groups.