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MediaBeacon 20.0 Release Notes

We're happy to announce the release of MediaBeacon 20.0. Check out what's new!


New Features

Improve Search Capability with Relevant Asset Data

It’s a struggle to get users to fill in the data you need to describe your assets and ultimately, to make them easily searchable for users. In MediaBeacon 20.0, we’ve introduced Dynamic Forms to help guide users through the data input process by only showing them the relevant fields and values at the right time.


Dynamic Forms Functionality

The new Dynamic Forms in MediaBeacon allow for rules-based field visibility and editability controls. Each metaform now has Custom Metaform Rules to configure the initial form view, and how the form will update based off of filled in criteria.
In addition to the form rules, Dynamic Forms also allow for hierarchical data sets to be split across fields. Each field is aware of the others to ensure data writing is seamless and easy for users.

Simplify Data for Your Users

Your data can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be for your users. Using the Dynamic Dictionaries in MediaBeacon 20.0, you will be able to organize on your hierarchical data by assigning different levels of your taxonomy to specific fields.


Dynamic Dictionaries Functionality

To support the Dynamic Forms functionality, MediaBeacon 20.0 Dynamic Dictionaries keep hierarchical data correlated across multiple fields. Dynamic Dictionaries can be created from importing a standard CSV format.

Save Time on Data Input

In many cases the data you’re asking your users to input is repetitive. In MediaBeacon 20.0, we’ve introduced Metaform Templates to help automate this data writing process. Your users will be able to pick the template they want to use, see all of the autofilled values it will write, and update specific values as needed. Less time spent on writing data, happier users.


Metaform Templates Functionality

Metaform templates can now be created from the Create – Metaform Template menu. Once the data for the template is input, it can be shared to groups and users, to simplify the writing of commonly used data.


General Enhancements

  • Ability to leverage the serverless computing architecture in AWS (Lambda) to preview assets that are currently previewed by ImageMagick. Utilization of S3 storage in MediaBeacon is required, and additional charges for this service may be incurred.
  • Ability to categorize and display preset loading dock conversions based on intended use.
  • Supports for InDesign 2019
  • Ability to preview the primary file (PDF, InDesign, Videos) within a zip archive.
  • Redesigned right hand menus present the same information in a more standardized, user friendly format.
  • Ability for users to select their own theme preference or allow their OS to automatically choose for them.
  • Improved transferring and synchronizing of files with the S3 Integration.

Notification Enhancements

  • Repeated notifications show as a single notification with a counter.
  • System wide notifications can be set to display at the top of users' notifications.
  • Added Discussion Actions to Notifications.


  • Metaform configuration supports field drag and drop reorder
  • Metaform Import and Export now available
  • Small Vector EPS Previews
  • DNG Upload Handling
  • Large Zip files now decompress post upload
  • Advanced Search on File Size can now search on files larger than 2GB
  • Create Metaform from Schema no longer adds previously deleted fields