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5 Excuses You'll No Longer Hear After Investing in a Digital Asset Software


Excuses. The world is full of them. Sometimes they are valid, but most of the time they are more like opportunities for improvement. 

When an organization is highly functional and has streamlined processes, it can limit the number of excuses used by employees when tasks get missed or delayed.

In contrast, businesses where excuses are part of the regular office language probably don’t have their processes in order, resulting in miscommunication and errors. 

One function of a business in which excuses are commonplace is the process of finding and distributing brand assets. For company’s that are managing multiple brands or that have many employees, this can be a tall order. But, by incorporating digital asset management software into their systems, they reduce the number of errors — and by extension — the number of excuses they’ll hear. 

In fact, here are five excuses that you’ll no longer hear after investing in a digital asset management (DAM) software for your business. 

“I Thought This Was the Final, Approved Version”

Inconsistent, error-riddled campaigns can stain a brand. 

And, like a coffee stain on a white shirt, it can be difficult to get rid of the cheap, sloppy connotations that come with a brand’s name after they have made a serious gaffe in their marketing or branding campaigns. 

When a business doesn’t have the proper systems in place to ensure that only final, approved versions of their campaigns are published, it may find itself on a list like this one

With DAM software, you can make it crystal clear which are the most recent, approved versions and whether or not they are ready to go live. This is especially important for campaigns that will be seen on multiple mediums.

For example, if a CPG brand recently launched a new product, they may have banner ads, billboards, emails, and social media posts as a part of the campaign. If a non-final version of a banner ad is used, it can limit the effectiveness of the overall campaign.

The key to an effective campaign is consistency in both messaging and appearance, no matter where it is seen. With digital asset management, you’ll be able to get there. 

“I Never Knew We Got Approval For This Campaign”

When it comes to running a successful business, efficiency is the name of the game. 

Being able to streamline operations and succinctly communicate with your team members is a key facet of a fruitful company. For organizations with thousands and thousands of employees, it can be difficult to set systems in place that will help facilitate clear and constant communication — particularly when it comes to marketing and branding campaigns. 

Not having clarity around whether or not a campaign was approved can result in valuable time wasted — time that could’ve been spent promoting your products or services. 

For example, let’s say an apparel company is having a fall sale where they are selling all their summer clothes from the past season before bringing in their winter lineup. Part of this campaign involves emailing past customers about the sale.

But, as the email design makes its way from designer to copywriter, there isn’t a clear way to relay to teams when the email has been approved at each step. So, the designer is unsure whether or not it’s been signed off on, therefore the copywriter can’t start working on the copy for the email. 

Whether it takes a few hours or a few days for the designer to reach out and get an answer from their manager who is reviewing the template, it’s valuable time that has been wasted. Letting their customers know the week before the sale occurs is likely to bring in more people than an email that is sent a few days before. 

With digital asset management software, you’ll be able to clearly see whether or not a campaign has been approved at each step. Plus, completing a task in the software will automatically trigger a notification to the next person whose turn it is to complete the next task. This will ultimately allow you to meet deadlines and to get your content, marketing campaigns, or branding initiatives in front of your audience faster. 

To learn more about how DAM can improve your efficiency, download the “5 Ways DAM Increases Your Speed to Market” whitepaper

“I Didn’t Know the Rights Expired For This Photo” 

If you don’t want to get into legal trouble, then it’s important to ensure that you use assets that don’t have expired rights. Otherwise, you run the risk of being sued — and unfortunately, the above excuse does not hold up in a court of law. 

Convoluted, inefficient, and disorganized digital asset management can result in employees accidentally using old assets that your company no longer has the rights to use. In some instances, whoever does own the rights to an image will simply contact your company and ask for you to take it down. They may ask for a small payment for the infringement, but if you’re lucky, your company can get away unscathed. 

However, in many cases, the owner of the image is likely to  attempt to sue your company. This is not ideal.

By installing digital asset management software into your company’s processes, you can avoid this issue altogether. Some DAM software — like MediaBeacon — allows you to set expiration dates for assets so that once your business no longer has the rights to that asset, it will no longer be available to use. 

With digital asset management software, you’ll have the peace of mind that no one will inadvertently use an expired asset. 

“I Couldn’t Find the Image of that Product, it was Taking Too Long to Track Down”

Like an Indiana Jones adventure, attempting to find a specific image for a specific product without a DAM will take you all over the map. From IT to marketing to HR and management, whoever needs that asset will be following clue after clue. 

It’s a long, perilous journey and many have failed along the way, ending their expedition with the solemn, “I couldn’t find it, so I gave up.” 

But, the right digital asset management software makes finding that digital asset much more simple. With a library of every single asset you’ve stored with tags and keywords attached to them, your team will never, ever have to surrender on their quest to find an asset. 

It’s no doubt that your team, no matter the department in which they work, will appreciate the ease of finding assets with a DAM. 

“I Didn’t Know We Had Assets From a Previous Campaign That We Could Have Reused”

Digital asset management will help you reuse and recycle assets from previous campaigns that are still relevant to new campaigns. 

Let’s say a designer is in need of an image of an energy drink that their brand produces. Instead of requesting new images of the energy drink, they can go through the digital asset management library to find images of the energy drink from past campaigns. As long as the packaging and flavor are still applicable today, those images are still good to use. 

The alternative to this — which is getting a photographer or designer to create new images every time you need them — is wasteful of time and resources. 

To Help Reduce These Excuses, Contact MediaBeacon Today

Vanquish those aforementioned excuses out of your team’s vocabulary by integrating MediaBeacon, the premier DAM software, into your processes today. 

With MediaBeacon, you and your team can drive asset creation with ease, efficiently find assets, and distribute those assets for the world to see. 

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