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5 Reasons Why Digital Asset Management is Important For Brand Success

Brands that encourage innovation throughout their operations are likely to stand the test of time. Whether it's something as simple as upgrading an office copier to a newer model or something more elaborate like a brand refresh, innovative companies are geared for the long haul. 

One specific way in which brands are innovating today is by integrating digital asset management (DAM) into their operations. 

DAM offers many benefits for brands that are looking to increase efficiency in their marketing and branding initiatives.

Here are 5 reasons why digital asset management is an important tool for successful brands.  

Easier to Find Assets

Brands can help their marketing teams find assets they need faster by implementing DAM software into their operations. Here's how: 

DAM software stores brand assets in a centralized location, or a single source of truth. Instead of marketers and designers combing through emails, drives, and desktop folders for assets, they can simply search the DAM to find what they need. 

A DAM software will also have the ability to save searches so employees can find assets based on search criteria they use repeatedly. An enterprise DAM tool should also have advanced search options, which will allow those searching for a very specific asset to find exactly what they are looking for with ease. 

Understand the Value of Assets and Project Status

A good DAM software will also have integrations with tools that show real-time updates on the status of projects, as well as offer campaign management functions. 

DAM will also allow marketing managers to share their assets directly to social media from the system, as well as with external users. 

Simplify File Conversions

File conversions can be the bane of a designer's existence. While design teams should be focusing their efforts on the project and task at hand, the time spent on converting files can get in the way of their productivity. 

A DAM system can easily automate file conversions, allowing assets to be converted on-the-fly for various file types and sizes. 

Let's say that a brand's social media manager and their team are constantly converting large files into sizes and formats that are better suited for social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A DAM system gives this team the opportunity to set specific conversions (for example, if they wanted different sizes for Facebook posts than Instagram, they can easily set those parameters). 

All of this saved time will add up and lead to more efficient project completion times. 

Craft a Stronger Brand Image and Presence

A DAM system gives brands the tools they need to create consistent content, campaigns, and brand messaging initiatives by giving all team members access to the files they need. 

Brand assets are more than images—they are logos, fonts and font sizes, editable graphics, documents, videos, and more. All these digital assets create a strong brand identity, image, and presence. 

For example, the email team may be using older files to create their templates because they don’t have the most up-to-date logos. Meanwhile, the social team has access to a refreshed logo and is using it on all their social posts. Therefore, consumers that follow this brand’s social feeds and subscribe to their newsletter are seeing two different logos and may not associate them with each other, weakening the brand image.

Mistakes like these can cause a lack of trust, as well as diminish how consumers feel about the quality of the brand. If a company is failing to convey the same messaging and branding on all their marketing mediums, then what else might they be failing at? 

A DAM system gives all teams the ability to use the most relevant, current digital assets to avoid errors like these. 

Dramatically Improve ROI

Not only will a DAM solution offer insights into ROI, but the combination of all these benefits will lead to an improved ROI overall. 

Brands can cut down on wasted time by making it easy for their teams to find assets they need, as well as convert them into the size and format they desire. 

Brands that implement DAM can reduce any copyright issues that they've had in the past, effectively eliminating the need to pay out costly fines for using expired assets and therefore improving their bottom line. 

While it's hard to quantify in terms of sales and revenue, an improved brand image can do wonders for any company's reputation. 

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