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Best Cloud Storage & File Sharing Software for Businesses 2019

Imagine you’re a kid again and building a Lego set. You open up all the bags of small, intricate pieces and lay them all out on the table. You look at the instructions and search for the first pieces to start building. Then you go to the next step, and the next, and the next, searching for each individual piece at each step. You spend hours searching in an endless pile.

Now imagine that instead of searching for each piece, it would instead magically appear in your hands. The process of building your Lego would be much more efficient and you would finish your masterpiece much sooner. Sounds pretty great, right?

Jumbled Legos representing your business files without cloud storage
Your Business Operations without Cloud Storage
Organized Legos representing your business files with cloud storage
Your Business Operations WITH Cloud Storage

That’s essentially what cloud storage and file sharing software does (not quite as magical, but just as efficient). Cloud storage allows those within your organization to access the files they need without dealing with red tape, forgotten passwords, and colleagues who are not in the office that day. Everything is organized logically and accessible for all who have the proper passwords. Overall, it can be a real game-changer in how your business operates.  

So, without further adieu, here are the top cloud storage and file-sharing software to use for 2019! Be sure to do your own research to discover which solution will work best for the unique needs of your company.


IDrive allows historical views of your data to perform point-in-time recovery and their dashboard allows you to manage backups of all remote computers used in the office.


End-to-end encryption, secure collaborations, live encrypted backup, and public storage code are some of the features that MEGA’s software allows. They also offer various price ranges based on the amount of storage you use.


MediaBeacon is a digital asset management (DAM) storage solution that allows you to store assets and share files. It can be integrated with storage solutions like S3 so that your digital assets are accessible, shareable, and secure.


iCloud doesn’t have the capacity to handle larger organizations, but if you own a small business where you provide most of the services, iCloud is a great option. If your business starts to grow, then look elsewhere for a more advanced file storage systems.


Box is a storage software that is better fitted for larger companies with simple storage needs. They promise serious security and the ability to simplify your digital business processes.


SpiderOak has a slew of different products, including Share Semaphor Messaging, One Backup, and Enterprise Backup. You can decide which is best for you and get exactly what you need with nothing more and nothing less.


Control, productivity, and community is what NextCloud preaches for their software. NextCloud also hosts a yearly event where they’ll assist you in defining new strategies to use with their product.


Access to all devices, including phones, and the ability to easily share and collaborate are some of the features that pCloud allows for businesses. This software is primarily used by larger companies.  

Amazon S3

Amazon does it all these days, so it makes sense that they would have their own cloud-based storage system. The S3 offers scalability, data availability, and security.


MozyPro does everything a typical cloud storage software should do, including protecting your business from ransomware attacks.


For smaller business who don’t quite have the budget for the top grade storage systems, ADrive offers one of the lowest priced cloud storage plans.


With a smaller set of features, MediaFire is another affordable option that allows smaller businesses to thrive. Sometimes you don’t need all the specific features, and that’s what MediaFire is for.


Sync is a popular choice when it comes to cloud storage. They offer a free plan so you can test out their product. Look into sync for ease of use, speed, and security at a reasonable price.

Microsoft Azure

Another popular option, Microsoft Azure offers cloud storage for a fair price. One of their key features is the integration with a host of third-party transfer software.


Tresorit is an extremely secure storage provider, but one of the more expensive options on the market today.  


1st Photo Courtesy of C Slack