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3 Ways To Get The Freshest DAM Demos

Updated: April 17, 2019
Written by: Maria Jollie

MediaBeacon booth at hs dam chicago 2018

We just got back from Henry Stewart Chicago where our solution architect Addison won the Great DAM Bake Off. Hats off to Addison, his win is well-deserved!

So, what is the Great DAM Bake Off? Consider it the “American Idol” of DAM. It’s a session of the Henry Stewart DAM Conference where three or four vendors have eight minutes to give a live demo of their DAM based on a use case provided to them beforehand. They are critiqued by an expert panel of judges and the winner is decided through voting by the crowd.

In this Bake Off, Addison was the only contender who was able to show all the elements of the use case in under eight minutes. The crowd voted and he was crowned with the winning apron!

The Great DAM Bake Off is an excellent way to get a taste of what the demo process can look like, but it’s important to make sure your vendors have all the right ingredients to serve you up their freshest DAM demos.

Here’s a list of ingredients to help your vendors prepare a demo that demonstrates if they can whip up the right flavor for your company:

  1. Provide them with your top use cases. Find the people in your company who will be using the DAM the most and develop the top use cases for a typical project. Your vendor should be able to show you exactly how that process will go using the DAM. Use cases can involve multiple people and tasks, so make sure each use case tells the full story of the process.
  2. Give them more than eight minutes. It’s pretty impressive to demonstrate a full use case in under eight minutes, but that’s not the way to do it when you’re getting ready to select your DAM. Make sure you schedule at least a half day, if not a full day for your vendors to walk you through the use cases. You want to fully understand how it works and what the options are, so leave plenty of time to discuss and ask questions throughout the demonstration.
  3. Provide them with your assets. Send over some of your assets with the use cases so that the vendor can use them in the demo. It’s always nice to see a realistic glimpse of what your DAM will look like and how your assets can be manipulated throughout the use cases.

Consider the difference between bread with gluten and gluten-free bread. Both types of bread are used for sandwiches and toast, but the ingredients used while making the bread can make all the difference. One wrong ingredient and the bread doesn’t work for people who need to eat gluten-free.

In the same way, a DAM is typically used to support marketing campaigns, but the way companies create, approve, and deliver their campaigns will vary depending on the process that the company uses to complete campaigns. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’ve consulted your recipe and provided the ingredients for your vendors to cook up the best DAM to appeal to your marketing process taste buds.