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MediaBeacon Releases DAM Version 2019.1

MediaBeacon 2019.1 product release announcement image

We’re gearing up for summer with a fresh new release of MediaBeacon! Our digital asset management (DAM) release version 2019.1 is all about simplifying the asset experience for your users. Check out some of the latest and greatest capabilities below.

Creative Workflow

Of course, we couldn’t help but add a few more goodies to the Adobe® Connector. Users can now access their saved selections and saved searches in the connector and easily open MediaBeacon to display asset details. Plus, you can easily track and find PDFs that were created using the Adobe Connector by checking their file path, which now categorizes uploads by user and date. Language translations that are hosted on the main MediaBeacon server are also newly available in the Adobe Connector.

Need to start a new project but don’t want to leave your Adobe application? Now, you can kick off a new Business Process Management (BPM) project directly within the connector so you get the project party started right from the creative app.

Google Speech

With 2019.1, you can configure MediaBeacon to use the Google Speech API to turn your speech into text for video or audio assets. Speak your words and they will simply appear in the video summary metadata of the asset.

Duplicate Detection

Make duplicate uploads a thing of the past with MediaBeacon’s new duplicate identification system! If a duplicate match is detected, a “Duplicates Detected” message will appear in the notification center, where a user can click to review the duplicates that were detected in their last upload.


Upload even more than before with support for files larger than 4 GB and drastically increased performance for file upload in MediaBeacon. Users can see import progress of individual files, pause, resume, or cancel uploads that are in progress by using the notification center. The history function now reports file size of uploads.

These are just a few of the newest updates to MediaBeacon. Check out the release notes to learn more about MediaBeacon 2019.1.