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January 20, 2010

Frost & Sullivan paper shows what organizations need from DAM vendors

MediaBeacon, Inc., a leading provider of rich media solutions, today announced a newly released whitepaper by Frost and Sullivan titled "Attaining Workflow Nirvana: User Enlightenment through Next generation Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solutions". An independent third-party view of the market and what is needed to drive success.

The white paper outlines the changes in the DAM market at both a technical and business level and reviews what is needed for organizations to be successful in using the technology with all the changes and challenges in the Web 2.0 world.

"The paper only scratches the surface of how a well-integrated DAM solution becomes the nerve center of your workflow and will not only significantly drive down costs but also help in adding revenue." said Mukul Krishna, Global Director of the Digital Media practice at Frost and Sullivan. "With digital proliferation accelerating and a work environment characterized by convergence, collaboration and outsourcing, such systems will go a long way in helping the user community realize the true potential of their content assets regardless of vertical of functional area."

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