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April 2, 2010

AIIM Survey Shows Organizations Struggle with Rich Media Management

MediaBeacon, Inc., a leading provider of rich media solutions, today unveiled the results of a content management survey the company sponsored in conjunction with AIIM -- the market's leading authority on enterprise content management (ECM).

The survey, with more than 500 business professional respondents, reveals that today's businesses and government organizations continue to struggle with burden of managing and 'enabling' media through search and analytics. Key findings included:

  • 72% of the respondents found it was harder to find information owned by their organizations than information on the web.
  • 81% of those who have digital assets to manage are not using a digital asset management system (DAM) and of those, 48% store their digital assets on ad-hoc file shares.
  • Net spending on digital asset management and content analytics is set for a considerable increase in the next 12 months.

"Media is the next content type to get noticed as more communication is taking place with rich media like video," said Tom Rieger, Vice President Marketing, MediaBeacon, "Unless organizations can get these assets under management and make them searchable and be able to do more research through analytics, media will keep costing more to recreate. The most interesting fact that has come out of this survey is how DAM is being considered by organizations outside of the typical media firms like advertising agencies and broadcasters. Over 60% of the respondents were government, manufacturing, energy, retail and financial organizations. This shows that DAM is 'crossing that chasm' into being a main-stream solution that everyone now knows they need and want."

Over 60% of the respondents reported that they would receive 'high' or 'very high' benefit from having a faceted search engine attached to their rich media. "Organizations today recognize that they need to be able to empower rich media through analytics engines like real-time faceted search engines." states Doug Miles, Director Marketing Intelligence for AIIM. "In much the same way that BI tools opened up structured corporate data to give managers insight into business operations, content analytics can leverage the investments in content management systems to measure subtle trends and bring out metadata relationships that organizations would otherwise never know existed."

The AIIM research report can be downloaded for free at or

MediaBeacon's R3Search faceted search engine empowers customers to organically extract out of their MediaBeacon DAM systems all the metadata and create all the relevant relationships with no administration or configuration. You can learn more about the entire MediaBeacon product line at

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