How Buck Wear Streamlines And Protects Their Digital Assets

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Buck Wear is a consumer clothing company that began selling lifestyle apparel for outdoorsmen in 1992. Fast forward more than two decades and they’re still serving the same outdoorsmen market. While their focus has remained the same, the technology utilized to accomplish it has evolved over time.

Realizing The Need For DAM

Sales requests for existing graphic files were growing, the need to better manage their large collection of assets, and making efficient use of limited storage space prompted Buck Wear to start seeking solutions.

It became clear to the company that they needed a digital asset management system. As the search began, they looked at six or seven vendors before creating their short list of three. MediaBeacon became their vendor and solution of choice. How does it work?

Why MediaBeacon

Security and control over their intellectual property was a priority that lead Buck Wear to MediaBeacon. MediaBeacon’s ability for on-site-hosting meant retaining full control of their intellectual property. Buck Wear also appreciated the flexibility that MediaBeacon’s web-based interface offered. This meant their Creative team, working on Macs, and their Sales representatives, on Windows, could all easily interact with the assets they needed – without needing to download and install additional software. This also indicated it could significantly reduce the amount of requests the Sales team was making for already-made assets as they could begin self-serving. They liked MediaBeacon’s powerful search tool to reduce time in finding assets and its intelligent facet search for intelligently organizing assets for them.

"MediaBeacon significantly improved the insight we have into our company. Now we’re able to realize how much design effort makes it into production and how many files our Sales team retrieves without needing assistance.”

Amy Arnold, DAM Manager & Cybrarian, Buck Wear


To Buck Wear, MediaBeacon simply means less duplicates, more accessibility, easier long-term cataloging so they wouldn’t lose work and security of intellectual property.

Now, after using MediaBeacon for a few years, Buck Wear has found a great appreciation for the ease of administration for a solution of MediaBeacon’s size.

Custom fields are easily added without system downtime, allowing Buck Wear to specifically adapt the tool to fit their unique workflow. The customizable interface allows for workspaces to be created that fit the varying jobs and tasks performed every day within the system.

Buck Wear t-shirt asset examplesThey’ve found the DAM to be useful in every department across the organization. Creatives, for a central house for all created assets and works in progress. Sales, for accessing graphic files needed to produce sales. Warehouse workers, for getting metadata for products. And, management is garnering useful metrics from the analysis tools that provide insight into many facets of the data within.

As Buck Wear grows, they know that MediaBeacon will be there to grow right with them with MediaBeacon’s intelligently designed modular architecture.

Amy Arnold, Buck Wear’s DAM Manager & Cybrarian, found increased accountability and insight into work being produced. She has been able to generate stats and reports that were never possible before implementing MediaBeacon.

She has loved the benefits it’s offered her and Buck Wear. Amy also mentioned that “everyone on the MediaBeacon team has been painfully nice and great to work with. The Support team is great at getting back on issues quickly, and I’ve had no major issues. It’s gone pretty smooth as far as I’m concerned.”

Thanks Amy.

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