The Digital Marketing
Maturity Model

The digital maturity model is a powerful tool to benchmark your current marketing capabilities. Download it to better see where your organization is currently positioned and how it can continue to grow in its pursuit of improvement. The model consists of 5 phases of digital maturity: Reactive, Organized, Digitized, Connected, and Intelligent.

Download the Digital Maturity for Marketing Processes white paper to:

  • Understand business benefits for each level of digital maturity
  • Assess the current position of your company on the model
  • Develop a plan for your company to progress within the model

Creating Efficiencies With Digital Marketing

Learn how marketing processes can be digitized to create efficiencies. The savings in time and resources allows marketing teams to be responsive to consumers at all the relevant touchpoints along the customer journey.


David Lipsey "The maturity model offers the targeted community a truly unique tool to self-assess, to plan for what’s next, and to justify budgets to acquire the people, change processes, and capital expense for the new requisite components to move along the maturity model. There’s nothing quite like it to help a company objectively measure how they’re doing and plan to move forward."

- Musings on Esko World from DAM Industry Leader David Lipsey


Marketing Maturity Model Phases

For each phase in the model, learn about six specific values that change within an organization as they achieve these levels of maturity: 

  • Executive Mentality - How executives in the company view and act on marketing processes.
  • Visibility & Connectivity - How individuals at all levels in the organization can collaborate and view projects based on the tools that are available to them.
  • Risk Management - How the company can identify and manage risk.
  • Quality Standards - How the company can manage quality standards, compliance, and audits across the company.
  • Cost Position - How cost is impacted by the level of digitization.
  • Responsiveness - How quickly a company is able to make changes or customize the experience based on consumer demand and insights.

Marketing Teams Under Pressure

The pressure for marketing teams to generate more materials in a shorter amount of time in order to be responsive to the customer journey continues to grow. However, siloed departments, lack of communication, and inefficient processes are still prevalent and make it difficult for marketing teams to keep up. Digitizing the marketing process provides the ability to deliver consistent omnichannel marketing campaigns. As companies move through digital maturity within their marketing processes, they experience greater efficiency and capability in their campaigns.

Separate From Your Competition

Digitizing the marketing process sets brand leaders apart from their industry competition. Download the report to learn more!


Levels Of Marketing Maturity

Dive deep into the details of each of the five maturity levels of marketing to see where you stack up. Each level included details of what it encompasses and demonstrates ways to transition to the next level so your organization can continue growing and improving.

Marketing Maturity Model Levels