Launch A Marketing Campaign From Concept-to-Consumer With MediaBeacon

Marketing departments benefit greatly through the use of Digital Asset Management.
In this video, take a guided tour through four marketing roles and how they drive cross-functional collaboration & omni-channel brand consistency to launch a marketing campaign with MediaBeacon.

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Launch Your Marketing Campaign

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Speed To Market

There are many moving parts in launching a successful marketing campaign. Let MediaBeacon help manage the process, streamline workflows and ultimately drive faster speed to market.

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Improve consumer experience with MediaBeacon.

Learn Things

Get the video today to learn just how MediaBeacon can help. See how:

  • A cross-functional team can work in and out of MediaBeacon to launch a successful brand campaign
  • The team is able to streamline every stage of the campaign creation and launch to increase their speed to market
  • The Marketing Director takes a campaign from concept to consumer
  • External dealers may access promotion materials
  • Omnichannel marketers can achieve multi-channel brand consistency on social networks
  • Creatives can seamlessly generate all of the content needed for the launched campaign

Deeper Dive

You have the high level overview above, but what does each role cover? Glad you asked!

  • Marketing Director
    • Allow asset access based on user permissions
    • 3D in-browser asset preview
    • Download assets in the right format for your presentation
    • Shop for your assets by adding them to your cart
    • Make relevant images available for dealers
  • External Dealers
    • Dealers can get in the system and get the assets they need
    • Digital Rights Management agreements on protected images
  • Omnichannel Marketers
    • Post directly to social networks
    • Easily see what's been posted to social networks
    • Track social metrics in MediaBeacon
  • Creative Team
    • Repurpose existing content
    • The Marketing Director can easily assign a project to creatives
    • The relevant Creatives get the files they need directly on their desktop
    • They work right in their preferred tools and save their work. Changes are synced seamlessly to MediaBeacon in the background

Powerful Solutions & Partner

Create consistent experiences across various channels and devices with MediaBeacon.

MediaBeacon creates solutions that help you go to market faster and streamline your marketing initiatives. As part of Danaher's® Product Identification Platform, we have the most integrated and complete digital asset management system in the market. We have the experience, team, track record and backing necessary to help you manage your brand projects from ideation to commercialization and from digital media to shelf.

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Get the video now to see a guided example of launching a marketing campaign from concept to consumer with MediaBeacon.

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