Keep work in progress centrally synchronized

  • No upload or download at beginning or end of day.
  • Always have latest files in central DAM location.
  • Sync is transparent to end user.

Enable team sharing

  • Share with multiple individuals.
  • Easy to take over work for absent team members.
  • Always have up-to-date files modified by team locally synced to desktop.

Send files to suppliers

  • Ensure project files are delivered to your supplier without manual download.
  • Enable suppliers to have the files waiting for them when they are ready to work on them, reducing supplier reaction time.

Eliminate wasted time waiting for upload / downloads

  • Uploading lots of files? Drop them to a synchronized folder and let M4sterPlan upload in the background as you get valuable work done.

Automatically stop synchronization of expired assets

  • Have images that can only be used until an expiration date?
  • Automatically remove local sharing of assets by assigning an expiration date for synced folders.